"Mercy Bradford's father had described her as 'special.' He wrote in his journal that she was one of 'two olive trees that stand before the Lord.'"
—The Witnesses about Mercy Bradford and her father[src]

Captain William Bradford was a character in the middle ages who was the father of Witness Mercy Bradford. He was killed by the Barghest.


Middle AgesEdit

William had a daughter called Mercy Bradford who was a Witness. On her eleventh birthday, she inherited the full responsibility and power of a witness but was subsequently killed by a demonic wolf, the Barghest. After her death, he wrote in his journal about her and the creature that killed her.[1]

The Barghest terrified people in the Black Forest in Germany, and has the ability to assume human form. When the pilgrims came for it, the barghest took on the form of Mercy's father, Captain William Bradford. When the real William arrived, the barghest reverted to its natural form and killed the pilgrims including William. Ultimately they subdued the creature and sealed it in an underground chamber with an enchanted rock: Plymouth Rock.[1]


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