Rules and Guidelines for the Sleepy Hollow Wiki.

Rules-Must be followed

  1. Profanity: No swearing on this Wiki please. It makes the wiki look worse if there are a bunch of swears on the pages. It is perfectly acceptable to abbreviate curses (ex. fml, wtf) or use the asterix (ex. ***, ****, *****) 
  2. No vandalism of Pages: This is fairly simple. No spamming pages, creating spam pages, leaving spam on talk pages. "The first time you vandalize you will get a warning. Second offense will result in an immediate ban. No exceptions.- Horseman of Conquest"  If however the vandalism is extreme, you will be banned no matter the number of offenses. - 5H
  3. No deleting a lot of content without episode proof: There is one exception to this rule. Deleting an excess of content becuase it is spam is perfectly acceptable, and admirable. You can delete or edit some content but keep it to the point of reorganization or mis-information. Information will also change with Episode reveals. 

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