Vivian Apfel was a local potter and owner of her own studio, The Clayhouse, in Sleepy Hollow.

Biography Edit

While working at her studio at night, something in her fireplace attacked. However, she was then cured of her blindness. She also gained healing abilities. She demonstrated this power by healing a man in a wheel chair. However, when she tried to heal a boy's broken arm, she lost control of her powers and killed the boy. Her arms were also stretched. She was then arrested by Sheriff/Police Captain Frank Irving.

Police Lieutenant Abbie Mills and Consultant Ichabod Crane learned that Vivian had getting her clay from the river banks of the Hudson River. They figure that the bank had been infected by the ashes from a hundred witches of the Order of the Blood Moon that were scattered into the river [1] after its High Priestess, Serilda was blown to pieces in the Munition Tunnels.[2]


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