A Vitala is a type of demon from Hindu folklore.


According to Ichabod Crane, a Vitala is an undead human being of Hindu lore that serves Kali, Goddess of death and regeneration.

The Vitala was first mentioned in the episode Kali Yuga in the persona of Carmilla Pines, the godmother of Nick Hawley. It is also shown in the same episode that any person, such as Nick Hawley, can be turned into a Vitala using an artifact called "The Statue of Kali" and by reciting an ominous chant. The tell-tale sign of a Vitala is an X-shaped scar in a certain part of the body.

Carmilla threatening to kill Abbie with her venomous fingernails.

A Vitala can appear in two ways - First, a Vitala can appear in their slightly demonic appearance with blackened sclera, shark-like teeth and echoing voice. The second is a more terrifyingly demonic form that departs from the first. In both forms, the Vitala has long fingernails that can secrete deadly venom.


Basic Powers

  • Increased Speed
  • Teleportation - Able to teleport behind a person in the blink of an eye.

Additional Attributes

  • Regeneration - As mythological servants of Kali, the Vitala are able to rise from the dead moments after being struck by a fatal blow.
  • Venomous Nails - A Vitala can secrete deadly venom through their nails.


As hinted by the items that are held by the arms of the Statue of Kali; a Vitala's weaknesses are iron and fire.

Ichabod also observed that during their first encounter against Carmilla, she was scared off by the iron bolts of Van Hellsing's Crossbow and the open flame in Abbie's torch. Later on, Ichabod and Abbie were able to defeat Carmilla's two henchmen by striking them with bolts tipped in fire. Hawley was also about to deal the finishing blow on Carmilla using a torch and a crowbar but she swiftly escaped.

Known VitalaEdit

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