I am not trying to be a dictator or anything but I think I should establish some rules due to recent vandalism of pages. Since this vandalism has occurred, I have protected the violated pages from people who have not yet joined the wiki and recent users since that was the only option to help limit vandalism. I am only doing it to prevent further vandalism and I will revoke this protection until such a time I deem it safe. So I just want to go over some fair rules:

1. No Vandalism of any pages/delete a lot of content without episode proof- I'm not saying you can't delete some content or change it but merely keep it to a point of reorganization and change with episode reveals.

2. No cussing please- I would like to keep this wiki classy so please do not cuss it is ok to cuss in forms such as "fml" or anything in that format.

Thank you for complying to these rules. -The 5th Horseman

An updated version can be found here.

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