THE CONTEST IS OVER! Thank you all for participating in it and I am pleased to announce a winner. Congratulations to Horseman of Conquest for all his great contributions these past few months. Hey guys, although the season is over, I am suggesting a crackdown on content for pages that lack content by which I mean that we should fill up all the pages that are low in content to which you can find a list of on my main profile page. Just because the season is over doesn't mean we stop editing, it just means we fill up all these pages to look presentable for the contributers who will join us in Season Two. I will provide an incentive for those that require it: whoever adds most (relevant and factual with maturity) content to pages that require it, seems eager enough, and fulfills all my administrator requirements I will greatly consider making them an ADMINISTRATOR. This little contest ends when Season Two premieres. Please comment below if you wish to enter so I may easily keep track of your edits.

Good luck to you all. If I happen to win, the person just below me in content will receive the possible administrator spot.

Administrator Requirements

  1. You must have at least 150-200 legitimate edits in order to be considered eligible.
  2. No history of being blocked unless the block was wrongfully instated.
  3. Must be willing to help police, monitor, and edit the site once every few days.
  4. Must be mature and unwilling to abuse their administrator rights.

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