As I watched "The Golem" (great episode in my opinion), I heard at the end Moloch say a riddle to Ichabod:

"The Saint's name is a sign. When you know my meaning, War will take form. Then the end of days begins!"

I made this blog for people to interpret this riddle and perhaps even solve this riddle.

What I know:

1. Moloch is a God-Demon of Child Sacrifice and was written into the Bible as one of the idol gods. He is also an Ammonite God whose worship was practiced by Canaanites, Phoenicians, and similar cultures around North Africa and the Levant.

2. For Paradise Lost by John Milton, Moloch was used as a representation of a figure demanding or requiring a costly sacrifice.

3. The Bible passage that mentions Moloch: "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch," (Leviticus 18:21).

4. Moloch's name is based off the Semitic root for king.

What I think:

The Saint's name part has me stumped but I believe War means the Horseman foreshadowing War being the last of the Horsemen or that they will learn something that will cause strife and betrayals perhaps leading to War's entrance into the mortal world. Moloch's meaning perhaps means that Ichabod is going to have to make a great sacrifice perhaps learning his fate as a Witness. The end of days beginning obviously refers to the Apocalypse.

Please comment below on your own interpretation of this riddle and/or add on or give your thoughts onto my theory.

Riddle Answer: The Saint's name is a sign, is a sign on a church that reads "Saint Henry's Parish" revealing Henry Parrish as a fake and that he is in fact Ichabod's son Jeremy. War will take form, means War will finally be revealed as Jeremy Crane.

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