I am very sorry for my hiatus for all these months. My life has taken a sharp turn these past months and I have been overwhelmed with a lot of new responsibilities now that have kept me away from monitoring this wiki. My sincerest apologies to everyone in this community for being absent but I am here now to tell you that I will aid in managing this wiki as I have done before. I have just seen most of the work you all have done without me these past months and I must say that I appreciate all the hard work you have done without me and continuing to help this wiki become better with your edits. I unfortunately cannot be editing as much as I used to due to these new responsibilities but I will try my best to continue editing and aiding this wiki as much as possible. I hope you can all understand and Conquest, congratulations on your promotion and know that I would have promoted you the moment I would have seen your message. Thank you and let's hope we get a season three! The 5th Horseman (talk) 01:42, February 25, 2015 (UTC)The 5th Horseman

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