Hello Sleepyheads, this is The 5th Horseman here with something I'm surprised I have not done earlier. I have seen on other wikis that the admins create blog pages for people to have post-episode chats of the newest episodes of that show. I think its about time this wiki did that and I'm excited to announce a new series of blog posts up starting with the next episode. Due to the time zone differences, If you are interested in discussing the episodes, please check back every Monday, only the ones with the new episodes as I know the writers sometimes like to skip a week, around 3-4:30 pm PST (that's west coast for those who are not aware) which is when I will post it. Why this time? It is so that the episode is available for discussion after the episode premieres on the east coast so they do not have to wait until it premieres in the later time zones (so warning it's best you don't look at it until after you have seen the episode to avoid spoilers). Have fun everyone and here's to great discussions! The 5th Horseman (talk) 23:47, October 9, 2014 (UTC)The 5th Horseman

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