A while back, there is this blog or forum entry...don't really remember, asking to create a page about the Spells used in the series.

While on the fruitless search for non-screw up full downloads of Sleepy Hollow episodes; I came across this instead: Sleepy Hollow Transcripts.

Serendipitous indeed!

Pardon me but as I am preparing to leave for a trip with my mother; I cannot browse through the said page as soon as possible to fish out all the spells from the series..if there are indeed more.

However, I shall leave you with this one


Chant for Reversing the Time Travel Spell

Episode: Tempus Fugit (2x18)

Original Chant: Quod Tempus Fugit, Restituere Tempore

Translation: Restore the time which hath passed.

Language of Chant: Latin

Chanted by: Grace Dixon, Abbie Mills