Again. This is going to have spoilers. So if you want nothing spoiled, leave.

Alright, so I just saw the final episode and I'm somewhat at loss for words? As we know, Katrina turns all evil and crap, and is killed by her husband, Ichabod. I'm not sure if other people feel the same way, but Katrina's death affected me for about two seconds. I didn't really care much about it, and that says a lot. If the character development is good, I'm usually affected in some way when that character dies. I'm either happy, upset, or emotional. But Katrina's death didn't spark any of those emotions...

Here's my deal with Katrina. When Katrina was first introduced, I wasn't really bothered by her character. I never liked her or hated her, the only thing that tended to bother me was the constant "family/relationship problems" Ichabod kept having with her. Her love triangle with Abraham annoyed me too. Also, another thing I realized was that the second season was targeted on just her half the time. I understand she's married to him, but she was essentially getting more attention than Abbie. Granted, there's nothing wrong with that, but it was just so focused on Katrina, that she was practically Witness 1 and a half. Then, of course, people started seeing Abbie as a "sidekick" and even questioning if she was a witness, which pisses me off to be quite frank (I mean, look at the wiki's background image. Just Katrina and Ichabod, huh? That's definitely who the series focuses on. It's biased).

But I can admit to one thing, and it's that the series killed her off a little too quickly. I feel like the anger she had was a little forced; she turned a new leaf way too quickly. At the start, Katrina was really sweet and caring, and for her to just all of sudden turn evil was so unreal to me. Believe it or not, I was actually beginning to like her, so once they turned her evil I couldn't care anymore. So basically, she was just a very under-developed character. Maybe if they kept her around a little longer, my opinion on her would've been a lot different.

What are your thoughts on her guys?

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