IMO, I'm not a fan the current season of Sleepy Hollow. When compared with the previous two seasons, there's too many problems with the plot and it's not enough to keep me interested. When Season 4 starts in Autumn, I'd like to see these changes.

  • Explore Jenny and Ezra's relationship deeper, and elaborate on how it has affected their personal lives emotionally.
  • What is behind the symbol that Abbie has been obsessed with recently, and does it grant her any supernatural powers.
  • Please please pleeeease don't bring Katrina back. I've already had enough.
  • Maybe introduce Xenomorphs into Sleepy Hollow, preferably during the second half of the Season. Gotta have my Sci-Fi elements.
  • Bring Irving back, he's miles better than Danny Reynolds.
  • Pull a Katrina and have Danny killed off, preferably by Pandora or a Xenomorph.
  • Cut down on the Monster-of-the-week format. Although it started off OK, it's become somewhat of a cliche. I'd prefer Team Witness fight against one antagonist throughout the Season with an occasional MOTW, similar to the first Season.
  • Have a facehugger impregnate a demon and see the result.
  • More details on the Catacombs, and possibly on its history as a temple for the Hidden One.
  • Headless's fate since Pandora's box was destroyed.

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