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    Ideas for Season 4

    February 28, 2016 by Ichabbie396

    IMO, I'm not a fan the current season of Sleepy Hollow. When compared with the previous two seasons, there's too many problems with the plot and it's not enough to keep me interested. When Season 4 starts in Autumn, I'd like to see these changes.

    • Explore Jenny and Ezra's relationship deeper, and elaborate on how it has affected their personal lives emotionally.
    • What is behind the symbol that Abbie has been obsessed with recently, and does it grant her any supernatural powers.
    • Please please pleeeease don't bring Katrina back. I've already had enough.
    • Maybe introduce Xenomorphs into Sleepy Hollow, preferably during the second half of the Season. Gotta have my Sci-Fi elements.
    • Bring Irving back, he's miles better than Danny Reynolds.
    • Pull a Katrina…
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  • Ichabbie396

    Feel free to discuss the episode in the comments below.

    • Who do you think will be the Onryo's next victim.
    • Where particularly you think Abbie currently is?
    • Will Randall eventually catch up with Joe and Jenny?
    • How will Jenny and Joe get along with Sophie Foster?
    • How soon do you think the convention of demons at Sleepy Hollow will happen?
    • Do you think Pandora and Randall with eventually cross paths?
    • Will Abbie become like Pandora?
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  • Ichabbie396

    Abbie's so-called "death" has been a pretty big cliffhanger, and I've discussed speculation on the episode discussion blog I made. This is just some similar speculation I've compiled. If you disagree, feel free to leave a comment.

    • Abbie is likely not to have died. However, it is possible the tree could've given her supernatural powers, similar to what happened with Jenny and the Shard.

    • It will be interesting to see how Daniel reacts to Abbie's "death". I assume the most likely outcome is not going to end well...

    • I believe that it could be both ways: Pandora and the Hidden One can still be on the loose, or they may have died when Abbie sacrificed herself. We'll have to see.

    • There might be a chance the Pandora could be the Horseman of Conquest. …

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  • Ichabbie396

    I've done alot of editing around the wikia, but it's basically just me 80% of the time. Either way, I'd thought I'd rank contributors of the Wikia based on how much they contribute and how important it is to the wiki. THIS IS NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY.

    • Keith Strife (Great job on the Japanese info)
    • JuniperAlien (Good job on the high-quality screencaps)

    • PvtHudson/Ichabbie396

    • Horseman of Conquest (need to do a little more editing there, bud)

    • The 5th Horseman (RIP 5H: November 2013 - February 2015)
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  • Ichabbie396

    Here's a problem I need to address. There's has been a lack of editors on this Wikii. 85% of the time it's me making the edits, the other 15% is CEDJunior. Things have been somewhat boring around here. There's a few anonymous editors from time to time, but it's mostly me and occasionally CEDJunior. Especially The Horseman of Conquest. He logs in if there's a vandal, but PLEASE at least try to make an edit, you haven't done any since MAY FREAKIN' 11. Feel free to edit, if there's something you see needs to be added. Just don't be shy, if there's an issue, we can work on it.

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