I hate people. I really do. You want to know why? Becuse people, at the end of the day, are only in it for themselves. I could leave the wiki right now, never come back, and effective make changing astetics and specific special pages a nightmare. I'm not going to, but I know one person who sure as h*ll just did. The 5th Horseman. "But you've said so many great things about him! How could he do this to us? You're bullsh*ting me, aren't you?" I hear your outcries. To answer these things; yes, i said great things about him, he is a d*ck to people who try to do sh*t for the wiki, and no, I'm not bullsh*ting you. Now, I'm not the type to put something out without proof that we, the editors and currently one sysop, are on our own. take a look at two photos,  the 


first of which is the sysop listings. The one highlighted is 5H's. Take a look at the next one, directly below it, flat out shows his name. I don't know what 


more it takes. The way i reaized that he was doing more than just not editing was when I messaged him, asking for bearuocrat to be able to make others sysops if they asked and were deserving.  This was on the 20th of this month. As you can see, he was on the 21st and 22nd, yet he took no action to even respond to my request. I've tried to get ahold of the staff, but so far, i have no response. Oh well. I guess you can't trust those in absolute power to AT LEAST go out with some dignity.

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