Before I start, I want to note that this  rant IS my opnion. Most of the time it is the character, but not his time. 

Now I know that blogs about the status of the Wiki is normally 5H's territory, but i just need to get this off my chest. I feel that the entire Wiki was abandoned, left for dead. I look at the recent activity, and here is what i see. For the past month and a half or so, it has just been me and 5H actually edit pages and adding new content. I do the best to keep the Sleepy Hollow Wiki pages well grommed, interesting, and, most importantly, informative. That's kind of hard when you only have one person helping you along. Other top contributers like Sac Valley Dweller, WinchesterHaylijia, and Prophet of the Lord(I just grabbed the other three in the top five, don't hate) seem to have vanished. But, they might have a good excuse. Wait, they can't, unless they have been f*****g raptured! You guys vanished around mid to late Febuary. We have over 4,000 edits now on this Wiki, almost half of that provided my me and 5H. Lots of it provided in this offseason. I don't hand out respect to people like candy, so understand the gravity of these words: 5H, you have my respect. You show a great deal of commitment and a love for this show that i would argue is unmatched. I can't come close to the dedication that he has shown. It's kind of ridiculous, think that before the show ended, purely off of stats, i was in the 9th spot on the wiki. Becuse none were to be found, i was somehow able to rise to the spot of 2nd. that makes no sense. I've tried to recuit some of my friends into this Wiki who watch the show, but so far i have had no sucess. I know that alot of the people on this Wiki are full time students, becuase I am one, but come on! Do i sound like i'm fired up? it's becuse i'm fired up. That looks like all for now. 

Go forth conquering, as always.

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