Note: Please see the note at the top of my first blog post for full information. The short version is; these rants are not represenitive of my personal views, opnions, or ideals. just the horseman's.

Hello once again. To start off i will rant about the title, Death is overrated. I mean, come the f**k on! What has he done that's so great? Have a petty vendeda that he could have settled long ago if he wasn' a d**m peice of s**t who relys on the support of menial demons. Did he kill off an entire friggin colony? F**k no! How many times was he featured of the show? To hell if i know. But how many times was i featured? Once. Plus a dream, but that doesn't count. Death, solid work. Not only are you the most overrated horseman of the apocalypse, you stole my d**m horse! No, seriously, read the Book of Revelations. Who is the first to enter the world? Me. What color horse do i ride? White. Sound familiar? Yeah, becuse this f**king c**t took my place and my horse! In real world news, Verizon and AT&T are try to get the traditional landline removed permantly. To which i say, you still use your landline? Samsung Galaxy S4 b***h! In other news i am back home in Sleepy Hollow, New York. So as i sit here, waiting for jet lag (yes, even horsemen of the apocalypse get jetlag) to wear off, i wonder, who will be some more of Moloch's allies? I'm thinking that in season 2, we may see some of the demons that they fought come back, like Andy. Also, more demons from Revelation will show up. Of, and Sleepy Hollow will be raptured. i think that it was the 5th Horseman who pointed out the the 144,000 population of sleepy holllow is the same as the 144,000 to be raptured. So, gold star for you, 5H. I would give you a medal, but i don't have one. Seriously though, nice catch. Finally, some video game indecision. Because i  need to pass the time until next season of sleepy hollow. So, my question to all three of you is: would you like a hroseman of Conquest youtube channel where i made comdic reactions to other videos and maybe did a few lets plays. Until next time, go forth conquering. 

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