Hi guys!

Look, i just want to say, i'm all for giving people a second chance. But I, and i think i speak for 5h here as well, will NOT tolerate vansalism of pages. Save the jokes for blogs and talk pages. This show is rapidly growing, and so people wanting to learn more about the show will more than likely come here. If your writing something profain, stupid (referring to 2nd grade type humor, not a mistake), offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, and overall idiotic comments will not be tolerated. Speaking for myself this time, 5h may have a difference in opnion on this, if i see someting that is clearly vandalism(by the terms i just stated and 5h's rules for the wiki), i can and will: delete your edit, leave a annoyed comment on the edit summary, and BAN you. I'm not trying to be any kind of tyrant here, but I refuse to allow a vandal of THIS wiki, i dont judge by any issue with any other wiki, to keep being able to acess us. I just saw a contributor who left a Dr. Poop(no, i'm not s*****g you) signature on a piece that he put on the Purgatory page. his comment was: Crap=hell. 5h had aready banned him, and i removed the edit. Let him/her serve as an example to those who are unsure on the rules. profanity, check. stupid, check. clear vandalism,  check. He didn't say anything offensive, but the hit several of the point i previously mentioned. I assume all who watch this show have some level of maturity, please show it.

Go forth conquring, my friends.

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