Note; If it could be considered contorvesial, it probably isn't my actual opnion.

Now that the little note is out of the way, I conqured the videogame Thief recently, and...... It suuuucked! The AI had less game than Abraham Van Brunt, it souldn't have even qualified as a stealth game. If they saw me (which they did several times, i'm more of a "f**k it, everyone dies" type of gamer) they tried to find me for about ten seconds, and then went on their merry way. So, that sucked. Oh, and I was playing on master difficulty. I want those 20 hours of my infite life back. Also, i did like conqouring the game Skyrim, in which my favorite character would have to be Alduin. He seems like a nice, respectful, focused overlord/conqurer. I still play the game becuase of mods, and i found a sleepy hollow(movie) mod. I was so excited, then i clicked the link. The mod got f*****g taken down or some shit. What the f**k Robin Scott? And yet codes for Skyrim so you can illegaly download it are totally cool? You got issues man. 

Go forth Conquering, as always.

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