Before i start: Sorry about my lack of productivity in recent times. I have had to study for and take my finals. BUt i'm back. 


so, i've been gone doing very non-apocalypse murder related things. But i did have time to notice that some people had come to the wikia to contribute. To you men( and/or) women i say "YOu f*****g rock!" I mean, i don't want to make me seem like a ultra powerful being (which i am) but my last blog post must have lit a fire under some major A**. In other news, as i go through the top news, i see alot of murders and horrible things. Good. the apocalypse is coming, and you people already act like it is here. But on a real note, why can't human control themselves. I know that myself and famine have been playing videogames to pass the time until we are incarnated into the real world with a human host. Why can't humans just realse their agressions on these? What? Oh, media says videogames cuase these murderous outbursts? So, they don't attribute it to mental illness, but CoD? Ohhhhh. It seems that you soud be welcoming the horseman and point us to CNN. Abraham has been try to win Katrina back, but that's kinda tough when you dont have a head to speak with. As a final thought, my last post was about abandoning the wiki, and  then i went and did it. I know i had finas, but i could have taken five minutes to make small edits. But know this, I'm back. Back for good. there may be streches of days where i'm not shown to be here, but i will be here, always.

Go forth conquering.

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