• Note: I am not the real 1st horseman of the Apocalypse. This is just a character i created out of love for sleepy hollow and the need to get stuff off my chest. I am a normal guy, just like everyone. Also, these aren't my real world views. His views are as much of a joke as Stephen Colbert is being overly republican. Finally, all inisght i get on what may happen and new enemies are from the bible. 

Hello, humans*. I guess i'm going to start blogging about random ideas i have, some of my poetic outbursts, thoughts on world news**, and some insight to what may happen in upcoming epsiodes of Sleepy Hollow***. First off, i think that the whole Ro'kenhronteys snafu was total bullshit. I mean, come on! that was one friggin awsome demon, and finding out that this was just an idea someone had in a writers room and not a real Mowhak legend was saddening. Also, on the subject of Crimea, Putin is a f**kin p***y! I was sitting there, waiting to go to work on the Ukarine, and what does he do? He moves in on Crimea, and does NOTHING! Nothing! You would have expected more. So that annoyed me. Also, i was too busy conquering crap and playing other games that had my attention at the time so the mass effect series slipped somewhat under my radar. So, i'm looking at picking up Mass Effect 2 for the PC (Suck it Steve Jobs) and playing through the game as i would go about it in the real world. Now, being the total mass effect noob that i am, i want to know: how should i do it? Right now, it is close to 2 am and i need to get some rest. Big day of plotting, planning, and waiting. If there's anything else you'd like me to blog about, send me a message or respond to this post. As always, go forth conquering. 

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