I was going to make a post outlining what I wanted to with the wiki, but looking back on it (reviewing everything I write was beaten into my head by my freshman year english teacher) I found that it didn't make much sense. It was disjointed, sparrtic, and overall not worthy of the fine people here to read. (suck up to the community, check.) But what I was trying to say was, thank you. This promotion would have, in my own opnion, come much slower or not at all if not for the 100% approval rating (I was expecting something like 70%) on that poll i put up. I want to move foward with the wiki, but I don't want to overhaul overnight. I want to do justice to the contributors, the show, and most importantly, to myself. This wikia has become my child. Seriously, I did adopt the gosh darn thing. And, like a parent, I want it to be the very best it can be. So, I want PvtHudson to keep doing what he's doing, putting out edits like a machine. I want JuniperAlien to keep bringing those formatting ideas, maybe one day i'll figure out what they mean. EmpyreanSmoke, you do you, and bring them sysop skillz. Keith(or Atsumi, i'm not sure which you prefer), keep bringing that pop culture work, Japanese naming, and anything else your working on. If you're reading this and I didn't call you out by name, then use it. Edit more, become good enough that i'm forced to take note. Again, thank you. If you read this far into my ramble of a post, go get youself a cookie. Don't think about if anyone's watching, just go get the cookie. You earned it. 

Go forth conquering, 

Conquest, bearer of the one ring

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