• CEDJunior

    Leena Reyes

    October 20, 2014 by CEDJunior

    The second season of Sleepy Hollow has been pretty good so far with its various twists and turns, but as a fan of the show since Day One, there's one new wrinkle that I can't help but be obsessed over: Sleepy Hollow's new sheriff, Leena Reyes, played by Sakina Jaffrey.

    We first saw Leena in the second episode of the season, "The Kindred," and she made quite an impact from the start. We learned that she's actually from Sleepy Hollow, and she was actually part of the Border Patrol in Texas before returning to the town as its sheriff, so she's a pretty tough cookie. Leena wasted no time arresting Jenny Mills when she was caught with a load of guns, and Ichabod Crane has been steering clear of her, mainly because she stated that there's no record…

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