"Welcome, son. After years of service to his Majesty's army abroad, you've returned home a hero to your country."
—Thomas Crane to Ichabod Crane while in Purgatory[src]

Thomas Crane[1] was an Englishman who foresaw great potential in his son, Ichabod Crane. When Ichabod turned his back on England, he disowned him and never spoke to him again.


Early LifeEdit

Although not directly shown, Ichabod has mentioned his father a few times between him and others. It is mentioned that he lived quite a fancy lifestyle.[2] He saw potential in his son, and it was his desire for Ichabod to become a professor at Oxford University[1] Once Ichabod left England to fight for the American colonies, he rejected Ichabod and grew estranged.


It turned out that Ichabod had some unresolved feelings towards his father that may still might be weighing in on him. When entering Purgatory, Ichabod's father was his test of temptation.[3]


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