"Welcome to my humble home, Witnesses. It took 10,000 wretched souls an eternity to craft it by hand. Pleased to meet you."
—The Devil to Ichabod Crane and Lara[src]

The Devil, also known as Satan, is the ruler of Hell. He makes deals with mortals in exchange for their souls. He has made deals with Malcolm Dreyfuss and fellow Witness Ichabod Crane.


Deal with Malcolm DreyfussEdit

The Devil and his demons rule Hell but also punish the souls of mortals and also make deals with them in exchange for there Souls, Around the 1980s, the Devil sent Jobe to go and make a deal with the drunk and desperate Malcolm Dreyfuss, who had just crashed a car that contained all his life's work after having a breakdown for not getting enogh credit in the company he and his partner Ansel built. The reason of this breakdown is because his partner rather unfairly became the face of the company, leaving Malcolm to live in the shadows, unrecognized. Jobe offered to get rid of Ansel and leave Malcolm to manage the company in exchange for his soul when he dies. Malcolm, after seeing what Jobe had in store for him if he didn't agree, took the deal and Ansel was dragged to hell, where demons branded their marks on his body for years.[1]

Deal with Ichabod CraneEdit

Lara and Crane, in a desperate attempt to find a way to stop a now inmortal Malcolm from raising his new world with the aid of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, follow the lead Jobe gave them and enter Hell itself with the intention to have the the Devil aid them in their duty. He is aware that Malcolm has found a way out of his deal, but he has no worries about it, as his new world will bring him more souls for him to torture eternally. Ichabod, following the example of his former companion Abbie Mills, sacrifices himself for the greater good and offers a deal to Satan: If he aids them in putting a stop in Malcolm for good, then his Eternal Soul will be his upon Ichabod's death. The Devil, delighted with the fact that he gets to torture a Witness for the first time, takes the deal and gives them a piece of the Philosopher's Stone which was destroyed, as it would render Malcolm mortal so that he could be fatally wounded.[2]


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • In Christianity as also in the Bible that were featured and exist in Sleepy Hollow Tv series the Devil is also known as the one responsible for downfall and exile of humanitiys comon ancestors Adam and Eve from Garden of Eden while in that time he took the form of a Serpent to decive Eve
  • but also he is often described as Father of Lies and Demons or Prince of Darkness in Bible as well he is described in Book of Revlatation as 7 headed red dragon
  • It is very likley that the name of charchter Surtur or Surtr the Fire Demon of Norse Mythology chould be the Devil because both of them in this 2 religions have been described as rulers of Inferno-Fire like realms Muspheliem and Hell, but also both Satan and Surtur kinda sound the same.


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