Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital is the mental institution in Sleepy Hollow. In the Pilot, Ichabod Crane was admitted as a patient, because Captain Frank Irving thought Crane was delusional to think of himself as a time-travelling Revolutionary soldier.


Jenny Mills had been institutionalized for 13 years, because she stood by her testimony of having seen a demon in the woods. During that period, she was estranged from her sister (Lieutanent Abbie Mills). Jenny refused to see Abbie, but was curious about the "British guy" who was with her.

In Season 2, Frank Irving decided to tell the truth about the murders that he confessed to, and was promptly sent to Tarrytown, where he was manipulated by Henry Parrish.

The Mills sisters also discovered the truth about their late mother, who was also a Tarrytown patient, and had mixed feelings about Sheriff Reyes' involvement in their mother's plight. In Mama, there were suicides at the hospital, and Frank Irving almost killed himself. A demon nurse named Gina Lambert was responsible for these deaths.



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