Sleepy Hollow, Volume 2: Providence is the 2nd volume of BOOM! Studio's comic series based on the TV show.



Cover(s) Issue # Release date
  • Blank Cover
  • Limited 1 for 10 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover
  • Limited 1 for 20 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover
1 August 2015
Jenny returns to Sleepy Hollow with an ancient artifact she discovered in tow: the Eye of Providence. It supposedly gives its possessor psychic powers, but when it does nothing for her, she hands it off to Ichabod and Abbie to investigate. But the Eye attracts a demonic bike gang called The Wild Hunt, and they're cutting down anyone who gets in their way of obtaining it.
2 September 2015
A terrifying biker gang of faeries known as the Wild Hunt has marked Jenny and is coming after her and the Eye of Providence.
3 October 2015
The Wild Hunt get closer to the Amish compound that Abbie, Ichabod, and Jenny are staying at, and even the Hexenmeisters' magic might not be enough to ward them off.
4 December 2015
The battle between The Wild Hunt and the Witnesses rages on, with the entire Hexemeister community caught in the middle.




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