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----Welcome to the Sleepy Hollow Wikia!
The community encyclopedia for Fox's Sleepy Hollow TV series.
With your help, we hope to build a comprehensive fan resource for all to enjoy.
If you are an experienced editor, feel free to dive right in, otherwise please see the "Helping Out" section below for tips on how to get started.

Featured News
Albert Kim, writer-producer of 'Nikita', is joining the crew of Sleepy Hollow!

You can read about his joining of 'Sleepy Hollow' here!

Featured Media
Why Abbie & Ichabod's Partnership Works- NY Comic Con 201302:09

Why Abbie & Ichabod's Partnership Works- NY Comic Con 2013

Who is your favorite character on Sleepy Hollow?

The poll was created at 05:43 on March 28, 2015, and so far 1125 people voted.
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