Katrina and several coven members preparing to use white magic on Serilda.

The Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, were a coven of good witches who practiced white magic and who devoted themselves to protecting the world and mankind from the forces of evil. Sheriff August Corbin indirectly mentioned them when he, in his recordings, talked about two covens in Sleepy Hollow, one good, the other evil.

History Edit

The leader of the Sisterhood was Katrina Crane, wife of Ichabod Crane. During the Revolutionary War, the Sisters opposed the Order of the Blood Moon, a dark coven led by Serilda of Abaddon, with Katrina herself performing the spell which made Serilda vulnerable, resulting in her capture and execution.

They would later turn against Katrina after she tempted fate by sealing Ichabod away. For this act, they deposed her as their leader and imprisoned her in Purgatory, allowing The Four Who Speak As One to take control of the coven.


Common Magical Talents Edit

  1. Elemental Control- All those who use magic are able to manipulate the elements in their favor.
  2. Telepathy- Used by all of the members at one point in the series.
  3. Holy (White) Magic- Being in the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, one does expect them to use holy or white magic.
  4. Navigation Magics- Used by Katrina Crane in the last episode of the first season. Finds magical pulses on the earth.
  5. Hexes- Able to curse or place a spell upon an object or person.

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Trivia Edit

  • Thomas Jefferson called the coven "The Order of the Sacred Heart" when he talked to Abbie and Crane about how he made a hologram of himself within the Fenestella in What Lies Beneath.