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"Almost made it for the drive and Agent Booth's charming personality."
Abbie Mills[src]

Seeley Joseph Booth is a character in the Fox television series Bones. He appeared in the Bones crossover episode "Dead Men Tell No Tales".


It was revealed that he knew August Corbin personally during their time in the military. He talked a lot about Abbie and her capabilities of becoming a good agent with the FBI, but Booth thinks that she should understand that the world can be saved, just not in one day.

Jeffersonian InstituteEdit


Season Three
"I, Witness" "Whispers in the Dark" "Blood and Fear" "The Sisters Mills" "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
"This Red Lady from Caribee" "The Art of War" "Novus Ordo Seclorum" "One Life" "Incident At Stone Manor"
"Kindred Spirits" "Sins of the Father" "Dark Mirror" "Into the Wild" "Incommunicado"
"Dawn's Early Light" "Delaware" "Ragnarok"
Bones: Season Eleven
"The Resurrection in the Remains"


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