"The Philosopher's Stone, the most powerful magical item ever known to man. It can transmute all the pain I have suffered and give me back my life. And this time it will be life eternal."
Ansel to Ichabod Crane[src]

The Philosopher's Stone was a talisman which could give the user eternal life. It was also suggested that the stone could give the user whatever they desired, as Ansel was wanting to use the stone to get rid of his scars and give him back his life.


In PiecesEdit


On-Screen NotesEdit

  • As mentioned, the Stone couldn't create from nothing. In order to create, it drew power from sacrifices.
  • It was the Philosopher's Stone which linked the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane together on the battlefield in 1781.[1]
    • It was also responsible for making the horseman vulnerable. This was the reason why Ichabod was able to cut off his head.
  • The incantation that is used to activate the stone is: "Hunc sanguinem vitae. Transmuta en elixerae vitae."


Season Four
"Columbia" "In Plain Sight" "Heads of State" "The People vs. Ichabod Crane" "Blood from a Stone"
"Homecoming" "Loco Parentis" "Sick Burn" "Child's Play" "Insatiable"
"The Way of the Gun" "Tomorrow" "Freedom"


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