"God spoke to my father... Told him to beat me... Until I forgot all language... When he tired of it... he sold me to slavery, boasting of my prelapsarian innocence... But then... when I learned how to speak again, I convinced my owner to feed my father to his lion... And it was sadder than I expected. But I suppose that's that parent-child bond."
—Pandora to Abbie Mills[src]

Pandora was a main character and a mysterious woman who arrived in Sleepy Hollow after she captured the Headless Horseman within a dark box said to contain all the evils of the world, from which she summoned a myriad of dark creatures to terrorize the inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow. She was the main villain of the first half of Season 3. In the second half, it was revealed that she was the wife/love interest and servant of the Hidden One. Pandora deeply loved her husband, and she was completely on board with destroying all of humanity.

Her motives were a mystery, and her interests in the Two Witnesses (Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane) were equally mysterious, for she never directly attacked them, instead sending her minions to hurt some innocent victims and see the results of how the Witnesses dealt with the threat. She claimed to have been sold into slavery by her own father. All the while she causes malevolent mischief, she seems to be cultivating a dark tree that blooms black roses, and may not even be human herself. Her Box of Evil has many creatures doing their dirty deeds for her.but when push came to shove she betrayed her husband. And planned to use the box to make humanity worship her every whim. but was challenged by Crane and Mills who summoned the headless horsemen himself to end her. And the horsemen of death defeated and hacked pandora to death with help from ichabod,putting an gruesome end to Pandora and her box for good. But at the apparent cost of Abbie life.


Early LifeEdit

When Pandora was very young, her father beat her as that was what her father was told to do by the Gods. She was beaten so much that she forgot all language. She was then sold as a slave to the gods. As her father was boasting of her prelapsarian innocence, once Pandora learned to speak again, she convinced her owner to feed her father to the lion.[3]

As a servant to the gods, Pandora takes offerings every day from the humans to the gods. These offerings appear to be blood in two chalices which symbolize submission and love to the gods. One of these cups goes to the mighty gods, the other goes to the outcast, the Hidden One, who was damned in the catacombs of the dead, hidden from everyone. One day, while delivering the cup to the Hidden One and placing the cup by his feet, she offers him a flower which she proclaimed. The Hidden One, surprised that she would put herself at risk giving him a flower as it is forbidden. He asks why she would give him a flower. She tells him that she only wanted to bring him a bit of joy. He kisses her hand softly. He asks her why he remains in the dark while the other gods remain in the light. She shook her head. The Hidden One tells her the early history of the gods. He explains that him and the gods banished all of the evils of the world and stored them in a box, which he was tasked with looking after it. He also states that the only way to kill the other gods is to use the evils in the box. Once the Hidden One bestowed Pandora with great power, she gathered her brethren and unleashed the evils of the box onto the gods, killing them. Once it was all over, the Hidden One and Pandora were together, for a brief second. Humanity banished the Hidden One for all of eternity. After the Hidden One was banished, Pandora made it her life's goal to recover him from the catacombs, taking it upon herself to look after the box.[4]

Arrival to Sleepy HollowEdit

While riding his horse, the Horseman was confronted with Pandora who magically appeared in his path via teleportation. Abraham stopped in his tracks and Pandora sung a lullaby which as a result, sucked the horseman and his horse into her box, trapping him. Once she trapped him, she unleashes fear in the form of a new demon that frightens men into paralysis when they look into its white eyes before he kills them. Upon returning to her hideout, the magically makes her box appear while muttering a poem. She then walks over to the small pond where she views her next victim. She then collects some water and waters her small plant, which begins to rapidly grow when watered. Pandora later walks down the road five miles away from Sleepy Hollow, spotted by a local cop who starts to question her. Pandora trades her dramatic hooded cape for modern day clothes in the blink of an eye, revealing that she has spent a lifetime trying to get to the town. After Crane and Mills deal with the "Red Devil," Mills then bumps into Pandora at the local bar. After Mills comments on her name being like the Pandora of Pandora's box, the baddie says that it's more like a dowry before brushing off the comment, saying she studied the Classics. She then states that she would love to meet Crane.[5]

In her hideout, Pandora talks to her magical plant and encourages it to grow. She then walks over to her box in the middle of the room, and asks for the evil that she desires. The box opens and black mist erupts. She walks outside and the mist follows. While walking, she instantaneously changes out of her cloak to something more sophisticated. Once Pandora reached the mall, she magically created a coffee shop and masqueraded as one of its workers. She noticed a man on the phone. She overheard that he was keeping a secret and scared him by asking him what his secret was, when she was really referring to how he got cell reception. He walks away and Pandora goes into the store and talks to the shadow/mist. She tells it to take its time taking the secret from him as she is enjoying watching the mortals squirm. After the mist takes the mans secret and kills him, the FBI arrive at the scene. Ichabod wonders outside as he noticed a shadow creeping across a building across from him. As if she was appearing from nowhere, Pandora comments that it was quite a facade, presumably referring to the shadow Back in her hideout, Pandora observes her next victim through her small pond. Later, as the shadow has done its part and caused enough havoc, she waters her mystical plant again to which a single rose blooms and the tree grows substantially.[6]

While talking to her tree again, Pandora strokes a black rose which is about to bloom. She then goes over to her small pond where she asks it to show her some innocent souls. The pond then shows her a variety of scenes, one of which is a man. She then looks over to her box which opens and a piece of cloth containing a blade hovers slightly and goes into her hands. Later, at a bar, Pandora watches her next victim, who is staring at the girl that he likes but she is with another man, named Nelson. While dressed for the occasion, Pandora asks him is he is going to let the guy that is dancing with the girl he likes get away with it. He tells her that she is taken by someone else. Nelson tells the bartender that he is going to close out his tab and starts to walk away. Pandora plays on his emotions by asking him is he is running away and grabs his shirt. Refusing to let him get away, she tells him that they are going to show everyone what he is truly like. Pandora then drags him on the dance floor and the two begin to dance close to one another. After they dance, she slips him the knife. The next day, Nelson kills the guy who was dancing with the girl that he liked with the knife that Pandora gave him. That night in his car, Nelson contemplates disposing the knife when Pandora appears behind him. She tells him that now that he has had a taste of the blade that he wont want to give it up. Nelson tries to throw it out the window but he just cant let go of it. Nelson becomes confused when his wrist that he is holding the knife with starts to turn to stone. Back at Nelson's apartment, Pandora manipulates him by telling him that he wasn't chosen at random and that he has to let go off all of his hesitations. She also informs him that he will be challenged by the two witnesses but be should bury the knife into their hearts. Not long after their little discussion, Nelson goes after the girl that he likes but is stopped and killed by the witnesses. After watching Ichabod die on the floor in the arms of Abbie, she asks her how it feels to have his life slip through her fingers and disappears. Back in her hideout, Pandora watches Ichabod be saved through her pond. She then looks up at her tree and sees another flower bloom.[7]

After releasing the Abyzou from her box, the monster reaps havoc by putting children in comas, which if prolonged, will kill the children. While disguised as a nurse, Pandora goes to the hospital where she runs into the little sister of one of the victims, Saffron. Pandora tells her that she can save her sister, and gives her a tiny gold pouch with something inside of it. Meanwhile, Abbie is rushed to the hospital after a battle with the Abyzou. Taking advantage of the situation, Pandora, still discussed as a nurse sneaks in to Abbie’s hospital room. She rubs Abbie’s hand and she wakes up. When Abbie opens her eyes, Pandora coos "hello sleepyhead." She taunts Abbie and asks her what the one thing is that she could never bear to lose; Abbie won’t speak to her. Pandora talks to Abby about her father selling her in to slavery. Once returning back to her lair, Pandora watches Abbie and Ichabod through her mystical pool talk about her and watches as another flower blooms on her magical tree.[3]

Pandora sets her sights on her next task, resurrecting the dead William Howe. She intercepts the coroner truck which was transferring his corpse to Sleepy Hollow. She does this by standing directly in the way of the truck. The truck swerved, avoiding her and went off of the road. The driver then exited the truck to see that Pandora was gone. When he looks behind him, she is standing right there. She makes the driver to choke and tells him to run after making him suffer. She then opens the back of the truck to see Howe's skeleton. She tosses an ancient rock onto the corpse and the rock fused with the bone, which as a result make his skin half-regenerate. She asks the newly zombified Howe if he will answer the King. She then informs him that his nemesis is in town. The following day, its Halloween. Pandora transfigures her face so that it fits a more demonic appearance. A girl comes up to her but Pandora scares her away. General Howe then appears to which she asks him if he has gathered his army. As he cannot answer, she assumes he said yes and tells him to proceed to slaughter anyone. Pandora then returns to her lair where she watches the General battle with the two witnesses. She commends him for a good battle, even though he lost, Pandora still got what she wanted; Another flower has bloomed.[8]

In the ruined church, Pandora studies her tree and says that the last flower is close. She needs a skilled emissary to generate the fear necessary, and chants about the red lady from Caribee. A swarm of red insects emerge from the box and takes the form of an insect woman dressed in red. At the ruin, Pandora strokes the blossom forming on her tree. A pair of earrings grow on one branch, and Pandora puts them on to celebrate. The Soucouyant enters the chamber and Pandora says that she has to look her best. Ichabod and Abbie go to the ruins and the Soucouyant swarms in. Abbie gets out a spray can and tells Ichabod to find the hive while she buys them some time. Pandora plucks the six blossoms from the tree. Ichabod arrives and realizes that Pandora has been spreading particular forms of terror. She thanks them for cleaning up after her, and Ichabod says that it ends. Abbie avoids the swarm as best she can, and lights the spray to set some of the wasps on fire. Ichabod says that he's seen the tree before, and catches the crossbow when he fires it. He sees the hive nearby and ducks away as Pandora advances on him. However, the tree glows and Pandora says that she must go. Ichabod runs to join Abbie and warns her that Pandora's plans are reaching fruition. He tells her where the hive is and hands her a vial of prussic acid. The swarm flies in and forms into the Soucouyant, and Ichabod shoots it. However, the crossbow passes through the monster as it reverts to its swarm form. Abbie runs into the chamber and prepares to use the acid on the hive. The Soucouyant turns solid and attacks Ichabod. It grapples with him and prepares to claw him to death... and then dissipates as Abbie pours the acid into the hive. Ichabod runs into the chamber just as Pandora walks into the tree as it opens before her. By the time Ichabod and Abbie get to her, the tree has sealed shut.[9]

A hypnotised Jenny goes to the ruins and plunges her hands into the pool. The water glows red, and Pandora and a hooded figure emerge from the tree. Pandora orders Jenny to kneel, and she kneels to the hooded figure and takes his hand. The figure, the Hidden One, says that he has arrived.[10] Pandora takes the near-mummified Hidden One to a nearby river while Jenny lies unconscious on the ground, glowing red with mystical energy. As Pandora removes his wrappings, the Hidden One senses that humans have tainted the world with their pollution, wiping out species. He glances over at Jenny and Pandora explains that his Eye has merged with her, and she is the sister of one of the Witnesses. Pandora says that the Witnesses can prove useful to them as they have in the past, and the Hidden One proposes that they test it. The Hidden One draws the energy from Jenny, gaining strength. Pandora advises him to go slowly for fear of destroying the Eye and Jenny with it. He stops after a moment and tells Pandora that he would break eternity for her. Not long after, the Witnesses and Joe arrive but the Hidden One teleports them to safety. At the ruins, Pandora restrains Jenny and the Hidden One tells her that the world must be cleansed with fire and humanity's taint wiped away. He then starts draining the mystical energy from Jenny again. The Hidden One grows stronger, and tells Pandora that he can feel the energies of rebirth. Pleased, Pandora kisses her husband.[11]

In the parking garage, Pandora enters the back of the van, disguised as an agent, and closes the door behind her. He insists that he did the best, and Pandora points out that it fell into the hands of a mortal. Worse, the Hidden One gave her Pandora's Box and Atticus defiled it by using it. He begs for his life, and Pandora strangles him as her eyes glow yellow. Abbie spots Pandora walking away and goes after her. She confronts her and demands her sister. Pandora offers her and Ichabod a place in the new world, a place they have by right of lineage. Abbie isn't impressed and Pandora is impressed by her loyalty to Jenny. However, she realizes that Abbie failed Jenny in the past. Sophie arrives and Pandora disappears before Sophie can see her. Back in the ruins, the Hidden One tells Jenny that it is time for him to take what is his. Pandora asks him to wait so she can watch, and the Hidden One assures his wife that they will share all things. Not long after, Pandora sences the presence of the Witnesses and leaves the Hidden One to finish his work. She confronts Abbie, who opens fire but the bullets have no effect. Pandora warns that Abbie can't change her fate, and Joe fires grenades into the ruins. Ichabod comes up behind Pandora and tasers her unconscious. The Witnesses run into the main room and Abbie knocks the Hidden One back with a grenade. Jenny tells Abbie that it's too late, but Abbie opens the casing and extracts the Eye. Ichabod goes to Pandora's Box and begins conjuring from it using the Saga. It levitates into the air as Pandora wakes up. The Hidden One recovers and knocks Abbie across the chamber. He picks up the casing and destroys it. Pandora and Ichabod try to control the Box, which spins wildly in the air. Joe arrives and opens fire on the Hidden One. The Hidden One grabs the grenade and advances on Joe, and Abbie picks up the broken pieces of the casing. They draw out the Eye while the Hidden One grabs Joe by the throat. Ichabod and Pandora fight to a standstill. Abbie backs away from Jenny, who wonders what she's doing as the casing shards glow with the Eye's energies. As the ceiling starts to come down, the tree opens and Abbie tells Jenny that she has to do it to save her. Ichabod arrive and calls to Abbie, who tells him to take care of Jenny. She then enters the tree and it closes behind her just as the Eye explodes, destroying the Box. Pandora and the Hidden One flee after.[11]

Things aren't going great between Pandora and her true love. He hasn't the full strength to wreak havoc on mankind, and he blames Pandora. But like all good villains, Pandora has a Plan B. She salvaged a piece of her box, and just a fragment holds the power to give her man what he needs. Even though the box has enough power to sustain the Hidden One, Pandora needs to find something with enough power to fix the Hidden One. The Hidden One wants the Witness who took the eye, and she swears to him that if Abbie is still alive, she'll search any and every realm to find her. If not, her true love will make her suffer for it.[12]

Loosing her AbilitiesEdit

Pandora and the Hidden One are excited at the prospect at the havoc they plan to wreak on all mankind. He is gaining his strength, and they are anxious for all the "aberrations of evil that wander the earth" to find their way to Sleepy Hollow. It was Pandora who set out a beacon that has every supernatural creature converging on the less than idyllic hamlet. Pandora hasn't given up on getting Abbie back for her husband. If he can get his hands on that Eye, he'll be back to his old self. Pandora can't use the same methods she did to bring the Hidden One forth, but there may be another route. Pandora's power has enabled her to see that Crane has found a path to reach Abbie, and in turn, provided her with a way to retrieve the Eye from Abbie. She astral projects herself to the Catacombs and sees Abbie talking to Ichabod. She offers to help Abbie return home in exchange for the Eye, but Crane and Abbie refuse. Abbie isn't too frightened of Pandora, since she doesn't pose much threat in astral form. Or at least not a threat to Abbie. Pandora does have the power to cut Ichabod's tether--which she does. Now, Crane will float free for all eternity. He's nothing but a lost and silent soul, unless they give her what she wants. Pandora tells Abbie that she can still save Crane and warns her that there are fates worse than death. Like being stuck alone for all eternity until you go mad. But it looks like that ship has sailed, because Abbie smashes the Eye with a rock. Pandora leaves empty handed. Not long after there encounter, Abbie finds her own way out of the catacombs and makes it back to the land of the living. But Pandora has to break the bad news to the Hidden One that the Eye has been destroyed. He tells her the beacon she sent out is too weak, it needs to be strengthened. Pandora offers herself up as a sacrifice. He sucks up some of her power, leaving her gently weeping on the ground.[13]

Thanks to Pandora's fragment of her box, the Kindred was attracted to Sleepy Hollow. Seeing a chance to use someone of great power, the Hidden One snatches him up and makes him an offer which happens entail working for the Hidden One. While causing havoc in Sleepy Hollow, the Kindred attracted the two witnesses to his attention. To stop the Kindred, they reanimated the Kindress who took the heart of the Kindred. The two left Sleepy Hollow, with the Kindred abandoning the deal which he made with the Hidden One. Furious that the Kindred ruined his plans, The Hidden One waves his hand and Pandora watches through the mystical pool, the Kindred and Kindress' demise.[1]

Domestic bliss remains out of the question for Pandora and the Hidden One. True, he looks in pretty good shape, a tall drink of water, but his power is still not fully restored. Meanwhile, his wife mopes about her diminished abilities. The Hidden One, in what appears to be an act of kindness, offers back some of what she gave, but it's not much. He still resents the fact that the beacon Pandora sent out hasn't yielded a return. The promise of a bevy of supernaturals descending upon Sleepy Hollow has yet to be fulfilled, and it until that happens, the Hidden One is still giving his beloved the cold shoulder.[14] After attracting a monster, the Hidden One manipulates him into setting a few things into motion, including making the sands that will fill the hourglass that will symbolize the Hidden One becoming fully omnipotent. Once the monster preformed the task, the Hidden One approaches Pandora, who doesn't seem too happy with him. He offers her a flower, like she did to him, abet 4000 years ago and puts it in her hair and asks her to join him. They walk over to the magical pool where a hourglass emerges out of the water. The Hidden One clasps hold of ether end and the sands that the monster obtained magically float into the room and into the hourglass. He then flips the hourglass so that the sand begins to run.[4]

While looking in her magic pool, Pandora notices that Joe and Jenny have found another piece of her box and goes to claim it back for herself. Once she gets at the auction, she demands that they hand it over. If they hand it over, she might spare their lives. Jenny warns Pandora she should take better care of her stuff, but before Pandora can unleash her wrath, Hans make the mistake of shooting her. This only succeeds in pissing her off, and she pulls a Vader-like death grip on him. This is just enough of a distraction for Joe and Jenny to make a getaway. Pandora catches up, and she's a tad touchy about anyone touching her stuff. She's a bit resentful the Hidden One pretty much sucked her dry, and she wants her box back. Joe breaks the glass container the artifact is in and grabs it, and he begins to transform into a Wendigo. Pandora says he can't hide his true form from the box. Joe scratches her, and Pandora flees. Jenny grabs the artifact out of Joe's hand, and the transformation stops.[15]

Turning Against the Hidden OneEdit

After the Hidden One is trapped in the Archives, Pandora goes to the tunnels and waits for Abbie. Abbie arrives, but she can't get in the door as there's some sort of electric barrier in place. Abbie heads into the tunnels and runs into Pandora. Pandora explains the barrier is designed to contain the power of a god. The symbol is know as the Emblem of Thura, and Pandora tells Abbie it's been activated for the first time in four thousand years. It was created to imprison gods, and it feeds on the power of the being it has imprisoned. The more the Hidden One fights, the closer he'll bring them closer to death. Pandora predicts that her husband will throw everything he's got at the barrier, refusing to be imprisoned again, the power will build "culminating a maelstrom of fire and destruction." Abbie says there must be some way to calm the Hidden One down, and Pandora responds "That would be me." There is some good news. The Emblem of Thura is less stable in the mortal world than in the Catacombs. It turns out that a wail of a Banshee can break the mystical barrier. Abbie sends Jenny and Joe to return with a Banshee. Later, Jenny and Joe arrive back in the tunnels and announce the bad news, they killed the Banshee. Joe spots a piece of Pandora's box. They may not have a Banshee, but they do have Joe. Pandora says they can use his dark energy to break the barrier. He could die, but she can't say for sure. Things go awry once Joe turns because Wendigos aren't known for being team players. Pandora wants to kill him, but Jenny insists she can't get through to him. Jenny tells Joe she loves him and that does the trick. Pandora is able to continue with the spell. Pandora is able to harness the energy, but she can't direct it to the right place. Pandora says she needs any pieces of the box she's got in her possession. Abbie's convinced she's been conned, but Pandora assures her she's got no secret motive. She knew Abbie and Crane had the emblem but didn't tell the Hidden One. With Joe dying and Pandora seemingly sincere and penitent, Jenny gives Pandora the piece she and Joe acquired at the auction. Pandora attaches it to the other piece of the box and begins the spell which brings down the mystical wall. Once the wall is down, the Hidden One takes Pandora.[16]

The Hidden One is punishing Pandora for her deception. He fears he's been too indulgent, after all, she's just a human. A human with a life span of 4,000 years. Pandora insists that she didn't betray him, but she did forget to mention the Witnesses had the Emblem of Thura, and it nearly resulted in his downfall. Pandora insists she's seen the error of her ways and reminds her beloved that she did free him once again. Good thing she did so because that's the only reason he's keeping her alive. Later, Crane heads to the chamber and finds Pandora poking around. She needs the rest of her box. It was forged by the gods themselves to contain their power, and it's the only thing that can stop the Hidden One. Crane questions why he should believer her and Pandora says because if he doesn't, they'll all be extinguished. Crane believes there has to be another way to stop the Hidden One, to restore the box. Pandora says the box can't be repaired, but it can be regenerated, but only in the place where it was forged, the Catacombs. There's no way to travel back since Abbie and Crane killed the Tree of Fear. If they can find another path, there's still hope. Back to her hideout, Pandora projects her self to the Hidden One. He wants to know why she hasn't brought him any more sacrifices to replenish the Hourglass. She breaks the news that she will no longer be providing for him. She's tired of being treated like the hired help. Pandora's learned a thing or two from the Witnesses. They are stronger because they love each other, and they have each other. The Hidden One loves only power. He tries to strike her down, but it's Pandora's astral form. She's taken refuge somewhere else. The Hidden One tells his ex if she loves humans so much, she can die among them.[2]

With the Hidden One close to becoming fully omnipotent, Abbie, Crane, Jenny, Sophie and Joe get ready for the trip to the Catacombs. A less-welcome addition is Pandora. Jenny and Sophie don't trust her, but Pandora swears that now that she's on the outs with the Hidden One, she has good intentions. The sands in the Hourglass run out in eight hours, and once that happens, the Hidden One will possess all of the powers of the pantheon of the Ancient Gods, enough to destroy every living thing in the world. Abbie and Crane will go to the Catacombs. Once there, they will restore Pandora's box and use it to drain the Hidden One's power. Everyone else is to stay behind and slow the Hidden One down by any means necessary. Jenny thinks it's suspicious that Pandora isn't going given that it is her box. Pandora assures Jenny that they don't stand a chance against her husband without her help. She is the only one who knows what he's capable of. In order to maximize the Hourglass's energy, Pandora says the Hidden One will take it to a place called Bear Mountain. When the sands run out, the power within will flow with the greatest purity. According to Washington's Journal, Bear Mountain is surrounded by a large amount of intersecting ley lines-geomagnetic markers in the earth that supposedly conduct mystical power. Pandora says that the power of the ley lines can be channeled, focused for a specific purpose. They head to the mountain and plant metal spikes throughout the area to help channel the energy of the ley lines.[17]

Once they reach the mountain, sensing their presence, the Hidden One whips up a wicked-looking little storm. Every one survives, but Pandora's compass which she used to locate the ley lines is broken. They do have a back up. Crane gave Jenny one of Washington's original maps of the Hudson Valley as a gift. The map depicts all of the ley lines around Sleepy Hollow. Joe volunteers to go back to her trailer and text them the coordinates. Sophie can't reach Joe or Jenny, and she wants to confront the Hidden One. Reynolds says they need to buy time, not endanger more lives. If they panic now, they're playing right into his hands. Pandora agrees that nobody or place will be safe until her husband is dealt with. She tells them to finish planting the spikes. She's going to distract the Hidden One. Reynolds wants her to stay, saying they can protect her, but Pandora makes it clear nobody can be protected from an angry god. Pandora confronts her husband. He never loved Pandora, only power. He just capitalized on her pity for him. The other gods imprisoned him for good reason, and she was the sucker who let him out. The Hidden One promises that when the last grain passes through, he'll take her life, slowly. Sophie and Reynolds place the last spike, and all sorts of mojo starts happening. The sand stops flowing, but it's a very brief pause. He's able to handily stop the channeling. The Hidden One gets his full power back, so the destruction of the world is imminent.[17]

After being taken hostage by the Hidden One at her hideout, Jenny and Abbie arrive and distract the Hidden One with some Greek Fire while Crane gives Pandora her box. The box starts to do its thing but stops just short of getting rid of the Hidden One forever. In order to stop him, Abbie knows what it needs, but she's resisting. Abbie's soul is the binding agent to hold the darkness together. Crane insists there has to be another way. Abbie opens the box and tells Crane to never give up hope. She gets sucked in. The Hidden One is left behind, but he has no power. Pandora tells him to beg for forgiveness and his life. He tells Pandora he'll do whatever she asks, but Jenny shoots him. Pandora is incensed, it was supposed to be her victory, not Jenny's. Crane tells Pandora that the threat is over, so wherever her container took Abbie, Pandora needs to return her, but Pandora is tired of being ordered around. She's ready to be worshiped. With the Hidden One gone, she has his powers. All she wants from her followers is for them serve, obey and fear her. Pandora played them. Pandora has no plans to destroy the world, she likes it. She plans to be a benevolent goddess, and after making this proclamation, she disappears. Pandora decides to start making the world a better place in her own way. She shows up at a church during services. She lets the people know that if they love, adore and respect her, she'll take their fears away. If the don't, she can make their darkest nightmares a reality. Pandora opens her box, conducting an impressive light show which sends everyone screaming and running. She then turns outside where Crane and Jenny give Pandora another chance to bring Abbie back, but this appears to be a non-negotiable for her, so Crane calls forth the Headless Horseman by holding his head to the box. The Horseman and Pandora do battle, but he's really no match for a goddess. Realizing his former nemesis can't conquer her on his own, Ichabod rushes to the Horseman's aid. Crane rallies and helps the Horseman put a serious hurting on Pandora. Her end is a gruesome one, hacked to death. She has a few dying words for Crane. She knows Crane loves Abbie; she's his hope; his everything. Crane demands Pandora let her out, but Pandora says Abbie was never inside the box, she's dead and gone. With Pandora dead, the box explodes.[18]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: After Pandora absorbed all of the Hidden One's power, she become an almost all-powerful goddess.
    • Longevity: Once The Hidden One gave her power, Pandora gained the ability to live potentially forever, without aging. Before her death by the hands of the Horseman, Pandora was around 4000 years old.[1]
    • Teleportation: On many occasions, Pandora would appear or disappear without a moments notice. During her first encounter with the Headless Horseman, she magically teleported before his path, forcing him to come to a halt.[5] Pandora could also teleport objects to her side at her will. She often did this with her box.[5][18]
    • Shapeshifting: Pandora could change specific parts of her body such as her eyes for example whenever she was in great power or wanted to intimidate a foe. She also demonstrated that she could take upon a demonic appearance during Halloween.[8] She was also able to change her clothes and hairstyle in a blink of an eye.[6]
    • Telekinesis: Pandora used this power to choke a man who was driving a truck to Sleepy Hollow, holding the body of William Howe. Pandora choked the driver in order to scare him so that she could get the body.[8] Once she obtained the power of the Hidden One, she was even more powerful as she was able to pull tombstones out of the ground and hurl then at the Horseman.[18]
    • Astral projection: Pandora is able to astral project her soul into the Catacombs and back in order to talk to Abbie Mills.[13]
  • Pandora's Box Enchantment: Pandora has complete and full control over her magical box. She can easily trap souls in the box.[5] After Pandora absorbed all of the Hidden One's power using the box, she herself absorbed it and used it to take over the world and become a self proclaimed "goddess". She also destroyed it when she was dying to prevent the monsters that were trapped inside from escaping.[18]
    • Summoning: With Pandora's Box, Pandora has the ability to bring forth the monsters that she once trapped in the box.[6]


  • Manipulation: Being of great age, Pandora has had much practice of getting what she wants. Once she freed the monsters from her box, she manipulated them into doing her bidding.[8]



  • The name "Pandora" means "all gifts" and is derived from a combination of Greek παν (pan) "all" and δωρον (doron) "gift". In Greek mythology Pandora was the first mortal woman. Zeus gave her a jar containing all of the troubles and ills that mankind now knows, and told her not to open it. Unfortunately her curiosity got the best of her and she opened it, unleashing the evil spirits into the world.[19]

Character NotesEdit

  • Ichabod Crane confirmed that she was not the Pandora of Greek Myth, but rather she came from Sumeria.[3]
  • Pandora reveals that the box can be regenerated in the Catacombs and used to defeat The Hidden One. What she didn't reveal was that box needed the Eternal Soul of one of the Witnesses in order to be fully restored.
  • The Hidden One bestowed Pandora with great power once she freed him from his damnation.[4]


Season Three
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