"Just go home. Get some rest. We'll take it from here."
—Mark Wong to Diana Thomas[src]

Agent Mark Wong is a character who works for Homeland Security. He is the boss of Diana Thomas and Eric Cortez.


Homeland SecurityEdit

After the head of Abraham Lincoln was removed mysteriously, Agents Diana Thomas and Eric Cortez go to investigate. Agent Cortez doesn't make it. Diana tries to explain to her boss, Mark Wong, that a monster killed her partner and Ichabod saved her. But since she barely believes what she saw, it’s tough to sell the story to her boss. Mark tells her to go home, get some rest, and he won’t fill his report until she has time to reconsider her story.[1]


Season Four
"Columbia" "In Plain Sight" "Heads of State" "The People vs. Ichabod Crane" "Blood from a Stone"
"Homecoming" "Loco Parentis" "Sick Burn" "Child's Play" "Insatiable"
"The Way of the Gun" "Tomorrow" "Freedom"


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