Mark Campbell is an actor for both television and theatre. He plays George Washington in Fox's Sleepy Hollow.


Mark grew up in the Midwest on the great plains of Nebraska. At any given time he was often the tallest object in any given direction. He fell in love with theatre when he played a CIA agent and shark in James in the Giant Peach at 7, but hated singing until he saw Les Mis at 14 and realized just how exciting two men singing loudly at each other about a loaf of bread could be. In addition to Music and Theatre, Mark fled Pre-Med at Middlebury College and studied Medieval Studies and Romantic literature at Sarah Lawrence College because he knew that there is big money in Charlotte Bronte, The Black Plague and Musical Theatre. He created the role of the Phantom of the Opera for the 25th Anniversary tour where he successfully dodged chandeliers and avoiding setting himself and others on fire. Having previously played the Beast and the Phantom, Mark is now lucky enough to combine masks and beasts by playing Scar in the North American Tour of The Lion King. Prior to that, Mark toured the country clad in spandex and then a 72 piece wool suit in Mamma Mia and Guys and Dolls respectively. Mark is thrilled to have been a part of one of the greatest scandals in Broadway history: Rebecca.


Season Three
"I, Witness" "Whispers in the Dark" "Blood and Fear" "The Sisters Mills" "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
"This Red Lady from Caribee" "The Art of War" "Novus Ordo Seclorum" "One Life" "Incident At Stone Manor"
"Kindred Spirits" "Sins of the Father" "Dark Mirror" "Into the Wild" "Incommunicado"
"Dawn's Early Light" "Delaware" "Ragnarok"
Season Four
"Columbia" "In Plain Sight" "Heads of State" "The People vs. Ichabod Crane" "Blood from a Stone"
"Homecoming" "Loco Parentis" "Sick Burn" "Child's Play" "Insatiable"
"The Way of the Gun" "Tomorrow" "Freedom"


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