"As I existed, then, between the worlds of the living and the dead, I could bring information from one into the other, so that I could draft for you a map charting the passage from earth to purgatory."
Ichabod Crane

The Map to Purgatory was initially found in George Washington's true grave at Bannerman Island. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills held off a demonic version of Andy Brooks to retrieve the Map.

After escaping from the grave, Crane agreed to burn the Map. However, his photographic memory enabled him to redraw the Map. The redrawn Map proved to be just as accurate as the original Map, as the team was able to locate the exact spot in Peabody Woods for the doorway to Purgatory.



  • Washington's version[1] of the map can be seen in Jenny's trailer when Joe was searching for the ley lines on Bear Mountain.[2]


Season One
"Pilot" "Blood Moon" "For the Triumph of Evil..." "The Lesser Key of Solomon" "John Doe"
"The Sin Eater" "The Midnight Ride" "Necromancer" "Sanctuary" "The Golem"
"The Vessel" "The Indispensable Man" "Bad Blood"


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