Luanne Harley was the foster parent of Jenny Mills. She didn't like Jenny because she was always running away and breaking the law. Although officially recorded as a foster parent for orphaned and troubled children, Luanne was actually exploiting the system by taking in children and neglecting them so she could siphon off the government's monthly child stipends to support herself.


Season OneEdit

Abbie and Ichabod visited Ms. Harley when Jenny escaped at Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital. When Abbie saw a girl looking that she wasn't eating and looked sick, she realized that Luanne was taking advantage of the child care system - violating both her conservatorship contract and 10 state laws - and threatened to call child services and shut down the foster home.[1] Although Luanne relented and gave them the information they needed, Abbie arranged to shut down her foster home regardless. Before they departed, Luanna smugly gut under Abbie's skin by bringing up how she abandoned her sister and asked who she was really angry at; her or herself. Luanne was presumably stripped of her stipend checks and child care rights by Family Services and criminally charged for fraud.

References Edit

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