"It's a creature that, uh, seduces its victims and then feeds off of its life force."
Abbie Mills to Katrina Crane and Ichabod Crane[src]

Lilith, also known as the Succubus was a demon whose heart is stored away from its body. It was drawn to secret desires, and was able to mimic them. In Heartless, Henry Parrish summoned the Succubus, where she took the appearance of an attractive young lady, sucking the life force out of both male and female victims in public places.

Nick Hawley was almost killed by the Succubus, but was rescued by Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane. At the cemetery, Katrina Crane and Abbie recited the incantation to destroy the Succubus' heart, while Crane and Hawley tracked the Succubus at the club to destroy her body. Though they succeeded, the Succubus' work was already done, as she had absorbed enough life force to bring Moloch into the world - as a seemingly innocent-looking human baby.



Lilith was summoned by Jeremy to take innocent souls. In a club, a shy nerdy young man tries to get up the nerve to talk to a girl. The Succubus transforms her appearance into something like a Librarian and then speaks with him. They are then seen in a car together and after he asks her name, she transforms into a demon and sucks his soul out of him. Back at his estate, the Succubus arrives and expels the man's soul into a glass jar. In a diner, a man tries to talk to his girlfriend's friend, mentioning that she's always hanging around him and implies she has a crush on him. She becomes flustered, runs out of the diner and in the parking lot, she meets the Succubus, who mimics her crush, then steals her soul. After, she goes to a bar where buys Hawley a drink and begins to talk to him. They then go back to his boat. Abbie and Crane arrive at the dock and hear Hawley struggling with the Succubus, who has transformed into her demon form. Crane tries to knock the Succubus out with a pole while Hawley uses a crystal, pressing it into her skin which burns her, but the Succubus begins to take his soul regardless. Abbie arrives and shoots the Succubus which scares her away, but does not harm her. Lilith then returns to Henry to expel the souls into the jar. Lilith then goes back to the club, where she seeks out her next victim. Realising that she was being followed, Lilith made her escape and trapped Crane into a storage unit. She tells Crane she can sense his desire and also his doubts, trying to ensnare him in her trap. As this unfolds, Katrina begins her spell to destroy the heart. The succubus approaches Crane, but he stabs her. Katrina does not finish the spell when she is thrown back by a burst of energy and knocked out. Lilith then begins to suck the soul from Crane, but Hawley enters the room and attacks the succubus. Abbie picks up Katrina's spell book and starts reading the spell, completing the ritual which causes the heart to smoulder, burst into flames and then is destroyed. The succubus is attacking Hawley and he is trying to fight her off when Crane throws the knife into her back. When she turns and charges him, Crane shoots the Succubus with Hawley's revolver which then causes the Succubus to burst into flames and then disintegrate into nothingness.[1]



  • The name "Lilith" is derived from Akkadian lilitu meaning "of the night". This was the name of a demon in ancient Assyrian myths. In Jewish tradition she was Adam's first wife, sent out of Eden and replaced by Eve because she would not submit to him. The offspring of Adam (or Samael) and Lilith were the evil spirits of the world.[2]

Production NotesEdit

  • According to the ending credits, her name is actually Lilith the Succubus.[1]


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