A Kraken is a creature that has only been featured and debuted in ending scenes of Fox's Sleepy Hollow.


Washington DCEdit

It's unknown where the creature originated from or what powers it possesses. It appears that the creature is native to water and is extremely large in size. One is located in Washington DC at the Potomac River and was encountered by Witness Ichabod Crane and Diana Thomas.[1]


Production NotesEdit

  • It appears to be a gigantic female humanoid mix between a siren and a squid. The Kraken is based upon the Norse and Greek Mythological counterpart of the same name.
    • However, due to the official cancellation of the series, it's not possible to see it again. So unfortunately, it only made a brief appearance during the Season 4 finale, "Freedom".


Season Four
"Columbia" "In Plain Sight" "Heads of State" "The People vs. Ichabod Crane" "Blood from a Stone"
"Homecoming" "Loco Parentis" "Sick Burn" "Child's Play" "Insatiable"
"The Way of the Gun" "Tomorrow" "Freedom"


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