Katrina's Necklace is a necklace that she received from Abraham when they were originally engaged that was selected by Ichabod.

History Edit

In the first season, we saw a flashback of Ichabod and Abraham as friends. In one of those flashbacks, we saw Abraham picking a piece of jewelry for his would-be bride, Katrina, but Ichabod is asked for his opinion and does not share the same as Abraham's. He picks a different necklace and Abraham follows his advice and buys it.

Abraham kept the necklace during his time as the Horseman of Death, revealing it only when he was captured in Necromancer.

In season 2, Henry enchants the necklace so that Katrina is able to converse with the human spirit of Abraham. As an effect of the spell, she is able to see the horseman before he died (his head magically appears), and, as thus, in 'the flesh'.

After Katrina's death, in season three, is revealed that Ichabod kept it by pure sentimentalism, but it turned out to be helpful. Because of the necklace's connection with the Headless Horseman, when he was trapped inside Pandora's Box, the necklace seemed to lose its energy, even having a small crack.

Description Edit

It is a silver necklace with a victorian design. It features a green gemstone, possibly emerald, which is cut to an oval shape like the necklace's.


Season One
"Pilot" "Blood Moon" "For the Triumph of Evil..." "The Lesser Key of Solomon" "John Doe"
"The Sin Eater" "The Midnight Ride" "Necromancer" "Sanctuary" "The Golem"
"The Vessel" "The Indispensable Man" "Bad Blood"
Season Two
"This Is War" "The Kindred" "Root of All Evil" "Go Where I Send Thee..." "The Weeping Lady"
"And the Abyss Gazes Back" "Deliverance" "Heartless" "Mama" "Magnum Opus"
"The Akeda" "Paradise Lost" "Pittura Infamante" "Kali Yuga" "Spellcaster"
"What Lies Beneath" "Awakening" "Tempus Fugit"
Season Three
"I, Witness" "Whispers in the Dark" "Blood and Fear" "The Sisters Mills" "Dead Men Tell No Tales"
"This Red Lady from Caribee" "The Art of War" "Novus Ordo Seclorum" "One Life" "Incident At Stone Manor"
"Kindred Spirits" "Sins of the Father" "Dark Mirror" "Into the Wild" "Incommunicado"
"Dawn's Early Light" "Delaware" "Ragnarok"


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