"We're not gonna die in Knox' vault. Even if it goes all... Star Wars trash compactor on us."
Abbie Mills to Ichabod Crane

"Kali Yuga" is the fourteenth episode of Season Two of Fox's Sleepy Hollow. It was written by Heather V. Regnier and directed by Douglas Aarniokoski. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall, and debuted on January 26, 2015.


With the help of Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny, Nick Hawley faces off against his evil childhood caretaker, and Captain Frank Irving adjusts to his new... life.[1]


Nick Hawley gets help from Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny as he confronts his past in the form of Carmilla Pines (Jaime Murray), a ruthless treasure hunter, who raised Hawley as a child. Hawley had cut ties with her, after seeing her kill a man, leaving her alone; unfortunately, a Hindu cult captured her and used a ritual to turn her into a Vetala, a monster from Hindu lore. Carmilla convinces Hawley to help her commit one last heist and retrieve a statue of Kali, from Henry Knox's former home. The statue supposedly having the power to restore a Vetala's humanity; however, it turns out to be a trick as instead of a cure, the statue can be used to create more Vetala. Camilla attempts to turn Hawley through the use of the statue, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod. After a fierce confrontation, Carmilla flees and Hawley decides to leave Sleepy Hollow to track her down. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving is cleared of all charges at appeal. He and his wife adjust to him being back from the dead and what this could possibly mean for the future.



Guest StarringEdit


  • Ashley LeConte Campbell as Judge Aldrin
  • Randy Havens as McKenna
  • Ron Roggé as Theodore Knox
  • Heather V. Regnier as Karaoke Announcer
  • Whit Davies as D.A.




  • In Japan, this episode is entitled as "The Dangerous Loot" (危険な盗品 Kiken na Touhin). It refers to the Statue of Kali.
    • The US title is reference to Kali Yuga, the final stage of the world in Sanskrit scriptures which is otherwise known as the Age of the Demons. This title moreover refers to Carmilla's objective of raising a Vitala Army using the Statue of Kali.
  • The song which Ichabod sang in the Introductory sequence is  "The Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime," a traditional British song about a tragic story of a young sailor.
  • Carmilla Pines (Jaime Murray) is searching for an artifact with special powers. On Warehouse 13, as H. G. Wells, she was frequently searching for artifacts with special powers.