"It's basically a dowsing rod, but drawn to magic instead of water."
Jenny Mills[src]

The Judas Scepter is an item that is used to find magic. Jenny Mills used this to find a fragment of the Philosopher's Stone, only the signal was interrupted so Alex Norwood did some modifications.


Sleepy HollowEdit

Jenny obtained the Judas Scepter when she knew that she needed something to find the last remaining piece of the Philosopher's Stone. Upon arriving at Sleepy Hollow, Jenny takes out the Judas Scepter to find the last piece, and explains that it's drawn to magic. It leads them past an old building with a sarcophagus on the ceiling. Jenny is unable to pinpoint the magic source, and then the "signal" goes dead. Ichabod suggests that the meeting of leylines may be meeting with the signal, and Alex suggests that they overlay the leyline map with a topographical map to isolate the interference. Ichabod leads them to the archives to get his map. Once Alex builds the Faraday device, they attach it to the Scepter and go back to the town square. They get a clear rating this time and the Scepter leads them to a nearby graveyard. On the building above, the jackal-headed figure draws an arrow and fires. Jenny knocks Jake out of the way just in time and they take cover. Jenny gives the Scepter to Alex and the archer shoots it. The Scepter dissolves in a matter of seconds.[1]


Season Four
"Columbia" "In Plain Sight" "Heads of State" "The People vs. Ichabod Crane" "Blood from a Stone"
"Homecoming" "Loco Parentis" "Sick Burn" "Child's Play" "Insatiable"
"The Way of the Gun" "Tomorrow" "Freedom"


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