The Jokoto Katana was a sword found in the possession of Nicholas Hawley at the onset of the Apocalypse. The Katana originating in the Jokoto Period allegedly gifts the wielder with the strength of all the previous samurai that ever used it.


The weapon is a sword in a Japanese style.[1]

History Edit

Nicholas Hawley gave this weapon to Abigail Mills in order to help her better fight the demonic armies of Moloch as the Apocalypse began. Shortly before she set out, Katrina Crane rejuvenated the enchantment placed upon the weapon, which had lost its potency with time.[1] Katrina is later seen with the Katana on her back during the battle.

When Jeremy Crane came to retrieve the Sword of Methuselah, Katrina cast a spell on it to make it look exactly like the Sword to deceive him.

Trivia Edit

  • The term used for the sword is inaccurate, as the Jokoto style of sword (created prior to 900 A.D.) predates the use of the word "katana", which first emerged in the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

References Edit

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