Johnathon Schaech is an American actor that appeared in That thing You Do with Tom Hanks and in 2015 he was in Texas Rising. He played Solomon Kent in the Season Two episode "Spellcaster."


Schaech was born in Edgewood, Maryland in 1969 to Joe, a Baltimore City law enforcement officer, and Joanne Schaech, a human resources executive.[1] He was raised Roman Catholic.[2] Schaech has a sister, Renée.[1] He went to University of Maryland where he studied economics and took one acting class.[3] In 1989, dance troupe Chippendales flew Schaech out to Los Angeles and offered him a job, but his father urged him to aim higher. He signed with Wilhelmina West and survived for three years doing commercials and bit parts in movies.[3] Schaech studied under acting teacher, Roy London, who also taught stars such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Brad Pitt and Forest Whitaker.[4] He studied with Roy London for three and half years until London's death in 1993.[5] In 1991, Schaech went through a three-month audition process before he landed the lead in Franco Zeffirelli's movie El Storia de Capinera (The Sparrow),[5] a period piece drama filmed in Sicily and Rome and also starring Angela Bettis and Vanessa Redgrave. However, Zeffirelli dubbed Schaech's entire performance. Schaech would have become a regular fixture on Fox TV's Brisco County, Jr. but he bypassed the steady work to portray drifter Xavier Red in Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation.


Season Two
"This Is War" "The Kindred" "Root of All Evil" "Go Where I Send Thee..." "The Weeping Lady"
"And the Abyss Gazes Back" "Deliverance" "Heartless" "Mama" "Magnum Opus"
"The Akeda" "Paradise Lost" "Pittura Infamante" "Kali Yuga" "Spellcaster"
"What Lies Beneath" "Awakening" "Tempus Fugit"


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