Jincan is a powerful poison from southern China. According to Ichabod Crane, it is made from the remains of powerful creatures that are placed into a container left to devour one another.


The Jincan Venom was August Corbin's possession until he left it for his son, Joe Corbin, who had been cursed by Henry Parish to turn into a Wendigo. When the Jincan was finally in Henry's possession, he used it to poison his mother, Katrina Crane as part of the plan to bring Moloch to Earth. After Crane used the Aurora Prism to prevent Moloch from being born, the energy was shunted to Fredericks Manor where Henry had collected it and used the Succubus to fuel it until Moloch had been born.

Trivia Edit

Cultural References Edit

  • Jincan (Chinese: 金蚕 (simplified) or 金蠶 (traditional), lit. Golden Silkworm) refers to a sub-type of a group of mythical parasitic organisms (or their toxins) known as Gu (Chinese: 蛊 (simplified) or 蠱 (traditional), lit. Pest, Poison, Witchcraft or Seduction) from southern China. According to various ancient Chinese literature sources, a dozen (or more) of venomous creatures are put in a sealed container to let them devour each other and the sole survivor is called the Jincan. It is able to infect and kill any victims chosen by its master and bring luck and prosperity to its master's family. It can be transferred from one master to another. However, if the creature is killed, the current master and his/her family will suffer the same fate.

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