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"I guess those social workers were right. I really am a bad influence."
—Jenny Mills to Abbie Mills[src]

Jennifer "Jenny" Mills is a main character and the sister of Westchester County PD Lieutenant Abbie Mills who now works for the FBI. She is an ally of Abbie Mills, Ichabod Crane, and Frank Irving against the Horseman of Death and Moloch. In season three she gains new allies Daniel Reynolds Abbie Mills`s boss at the FBI and Sophia Foster an undercover FBI agent working for Daniel Reynolds in the fight against Pandora and The Hidden One. Jenny lives in a trailer outside of town with her boyfriend, Joseph Corbin.


Early LifeEdit

When Jenny and Abbie were in high school, they saw four white trees and a figure by them they couldn't make out.[1] They saw this figure raise a man from the ground[2] but soon forgot since the figure removed their memory.[3] Neither one of them remembered what happened next because they blacked out and ended up far from where they started near a road. They felt they had been passed out for a few minutes when in actuality it had been four days. They were then found by local farmer Garrett Gillespie.[2]

Abbie and Jenny never really recovered from such an experience. Due to the fact they were sneaking beers after school in the woods Abbie begged Jenny to keep her mouth shut about what happened in order to get in less trouble. Jenny didn't listen and admitted to seeing a demon. Abbie, scared of the consequences, lied making her sister seem insane. Jenny was then incarcerated in an asylum because of her insistence the vision was real.[2] By the time she was 17, she had been a number of foster homes. She was then arrested by Sheriff August Corbin for shoplifting. Instead of arresting her, Corbin let her go and gave her acess to his cabin at Trout lake. During this time, Jenny had been possessed by the demon, Ancitif, who made her try and kill her sister. However, Jenny was freed of Ancitif by Corbin. Before the demon left her, Jenny told Corbin that the Horseman of Death would kill him and he would kill Jenny's sister.[4]

After that, Jenny helped Corbin collect occult items from the around the world. During that time, she went to place such as Somalia and Mexico, taking down drug dealers.[5]

Season One Edit

Jenny is first seen doing push-ups in her room in the asylum, and hiding the anti-psychotics she is given by the nurse rather then swallow them. It seems like Jenny is getting ready for something, and she wants to get stronger.[6]

Jenny was the one who Abbie was told about by the vision of Sheriff August Corbin, her room number was mentioned. The sheriff said to NOT be afraid of the number 49 (Jenny's room number). He said that this was where Abbie would find that she is not alone. Quite possibly meaning that she would have help from her sister. The Demon showed itself to Jenny Mills when she was doing pull-ups in her room in the asylum,[6] just the same way it showed itself to Abbie when she looked in the mirror in Andy Brooks's cell.[1]

Jenny escapes from the asylum and hides out at Corbin's cabin. While looking there for further clues, Ichabod and Abbie run into her. They team up to discover what secrets Corbin was hiding for them to discover. Ichabod and Abbie also find out that Corbin and Jenny were working together on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to try and prevent it. However, the Hessians attacked and disrupted the meeting.[5]

Jenny must return to the asylum, but Abbie works on bailing her out.[5] She then helped Abbie find Crane and the Sin Eater, Henry Parrish. Jenny and Abbie find Crane with the Freemasons in the tunnels.[7] Frank Irving also agrees that she would be a good help while dealing with the Horseman. Later, while Ichabod, Frank, and Abbie have the Horseman imprisoned Frank takes her to a robbery at Adams Antiquities store where she once worked as a freelance artifact acquisitionist for the owner. She shows Frank a hidden passage where the owner was shot and hidden. The owner, Jesse Adams, shows Frank and Jenny a box. Jenny recognizes the symbols on the lid from the 16th century. She tells Frank that the symbols on the Thracian Phiale had the power, when spoken correctly, to break a hex. In this case, it was to break the hex that kept the Horseman trapped. Jenny and Frank head to the power house in Sleepy Hollow, where the servants of Moloch, the Hessians, went to turn off the power and the light, which is the Horseman's weakness. Frank tells Jenny to stay put when he goes to investigate what the Hessians are planning. She, however, does not listen and arrests two Hessians. Later, three more come, and Frank brings in backup to arrest them all. She searches their car and finds the bags are empty, which means whatever was in them was then someplace in the power house. They were explosives, and they blew out the power.[8]

Jenny asks to see the Horseman after leaving the power house, and is in awe at how terrifying he is. She does help to guard the tunnels from demons of Moloch. However, he esaped.[8] She then met Frank's daughter Macey and his wife Cynthia at the Police station.[9] She then helped Abbie and Crane free Macey from Ancitif's control.[4]

Season TwoEdit

The second season started where the first one left off. Jenny found herself captive in an abandoned warehouse at Route 9, where Jeremy and the Shadow Warriors threaten her to give the location of the Purgatory Key. Henry read her sins and immediately found the location. As soon as her phone received a message from Crane, she confronted the gang and escaped with an ambulance. They were able to find the key before Henry did, and returned to the spot where Purgatory and the human world met. She did warn him that he and Abbie must not eat or drink anything, as they would permanently be imprisoned. She reunited with them and the team tried to find a way to rescue Katrina and fight against War.

The weapon was actually a monster known as the Kindred, Ben Franklin's Frankenstein made by numerous organs and body parts from patriots. Abbie had doubts of raising "Franklinstein's Monster" who was believed to be as powerful as the Horseman of Death, but Crane reassured her that it was the only option they had at rescuing Katrina.

Shortly after, as she was gathering weapons, Reyes caught her at her secret location. Abbie stood up to her and she ended up getting community service for her escape from Tarrytow and her other crimes. The team met one of her old friends, Nick Hawley, an artifact collector who's hellbent on financial gain. She came across a Judas coin left by Henry which made her be consumed by evil. Through her anger, she'd turn on Reyes as she was going hunting, but her friends stopped her. She also had hatred for her mother who abandoned her and her sister when they were kids.

Jenny returned in the episode Mama, where people were committing suicide at Tarrytown Psych. She along with Abbie investigate their mysterious deaths, which bring back painful memories from their childhood up to the incident when they wound up in foster care while their mom was actually taken away against her will. They tried to reach out to Frank of the deaths, but he gave no answers. That night, Abbie and Jenny along with Hawley return to Tarrytown and are forced to intervene to prevent a patient from committing suicide, however Abbie is transported to another part of the hospital by her mother, and Jenny while searching for her is left a message on a door which reads 'TPRJLMIL'. They learn that the message was a code for a video session, and together they watch their mother speak of her torment and of a nurse they had previously encountered called Lambert. At the Archives, they stumble upon old surveillance videos showing that Lori was innocent. She witnessed the patients' deaths and tried to warn them. Turns out that the nurse's ghost persuaded them to kill themselves, the same way their mom perished. With Ichabod out of commission, she, Abbie and Hawley return and find a hidden wall of their mother's sketching along with a message that said, "You are my sunshine," like the song she sang to them as children and what Abbie heard in her dream. They saw and saved Frank who was deeply under the nurse's persuasion. They were attacked by the ghost and separated as she held Abbie hostage. Jenny found her mom's belongings, including her journal which had an incantation that'll repel the ghost and her hold on Abbie. After a few tries, it worked, and Lori vanquished the nurse. The next day, the team were at the underground chamber again and Jenny summoned Lori so she could rest in peace. She was very proud of what her daughters became, she found a secret weapon that would defeat Moloch, and she knew they would succeed and carry on her legacy. Finally, Jenny found Frank who escaped and took him into her van and later went on a road trip across the northern border.

Jenny and Frank were on their way to the Canadian border, with Reyes' agents are on their tails. When she stopped before the checkpoint, Frank bailed and couldn't risk to bring both him and Jenny into any further danger. He actually left an encrypted message behind.

When Jenny returned to Sleepy Hollow, Moloch rose. With her help, the eam was able to decipher the hidden code, and tracked down Frank who was reluctant. But being that the Sword of Methuselah consumes a person's soul after someone is killed with it, Frank accepts since his sol is already owned by Henry. Jenny fought against the demons and carried her injured sis away from the fight, only to have Frank lose his life after he killed War. After a brief confrontation, they decided to each wield the accursed blade with Abbie being the first. Henry found them in the church, nut it resulted in a trap. Imprisoned, they faced him and Moloch as he explains about a religious story, the Akeda. The father must be sacrificed to save his son, so Ichabod was willing to give up his life before he'd kill Katrina. But, Henry actually used the sword on Moloch instead!

It's been five weeks since Henry killed Moloch. Not much is seen, except when Jenny and Hawley find an artifact that can locate demons. Those include the Purgatory escapees, the Horseman of Death who was freed by Katrina, and Orion who's determined to usurp Abraham's power.

Jenny then picks through a dead, rotting body which has three silver bullets embedded in it. According to Hawley these could stop the Blood Painter, James Colby, from resurrecting. She was able to take all three out, but the corpse reanimated itself, so she hurriedly stuck one bullet back in. She was pretty outraged that Hawley said they were on the body, not in it.

Jenny helps Hawley confront his past and face off against Carmilla Pines, a ruthless treasure hunter, who raised Hawley as a child. Hawley had cut ties with her, after seeing her kill a man, leaving her alone; unfortunately, a Hindu cult captured her and used a ritual to turn her into a Vetala, a monster from Hindu lore.  She actually wanted to retrieve a statue of Kali, from Henry Knox's former home. The statue, supposedly, has the power to restore a Vetala's humanity; however, it turns out to be a trick as instead of a cure, the statue can be used to create more Vetala. Camilla attempts to turn Hawley through the use of the statue, but is stopped by the combined efforts of Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod after going through many death traps. In the end, Jenny says goodbye to Hawley for good as he leaves Sleepy Hollow and vows to pursue and put an end to Carmilla.

Both Abbie and Jenny got more suspicious of Frank's behavior. They suggest that he should see Katrina who would break the hold Henry has over his soul. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, since he still had the dark symbol of he Warlocks on his palm, and was able to obtain the Grand Grimoire from a sealed police vault after ambushing Jenny who unlocked it. He stole some evidence from the Hellfire club and demanded to give him the location of his family, whom was whisked away by her.

Frank later meets up with Jenny, Abbie, and Ichabod before they had a chance to confront Henry and Katrina. Jenny was being targeted by him and she flees to the cve where the Medusa head was. She figured the way to save Frank is either kill Henry, or perhaps petrify his body, She chose the latter option, and Frank eventually found her at the tunnels but not before Henry was killed. As a result, after choking up black smoke, Frank's soul was purified and he was himself once more.

Finally, Jenny and Frank caught up with the Witnesses. Katrina was already killed by Crane, and Abbie just returned from her time paradox thanks to her ancestor. She was convinced the war is over, but according to Abbie, her great-aunt said that there is a more crucial part coming up. They each left before Abbie encouraged Ichabod he was ready for anything despite his family's demise.[10]

Back to WorkEdit

Around 9 months later, Ichabod returns to Sleepy Hollow. There are a couple of mysterious deaths. Jenny goes to the archives and finds Abbie and Ichabod. They hug as they haven't seen eachother for a while and Jenny says that Irving left without word or warning, and she has no idea where he went. Ichabod goes through the packed up boxes looking for bestiary texts referring to mythological creatures. Ichabod locates Franklin's sketchbook. Inside of it is a report of an encounter with a red devil after the Battle of Bunker Hill. Betsy Ross delivered a letter which lead to their victory. Ichabod says that they have to find out what was in the message. Jenny brings it up on the computer and determines that the message and the satchel containing it were passed down and sold to an entertainment franchise company: Colonial Times. Abbie and Ichabod go to Colonial Times to get the letter. After Abbie and Ichabod get back, Jenny goes through a box of her things. Among them is a bag holding a piece of black obsidian. Ichabod comes in and asks for he help interpreting Betsy's message. Jenny explains that she has been looking for work since he disappeared, and Ichabod admits that it's been difficult finding a role in the world. He then shows her the message, which says that the Yao-Quai is attracted to aggression and gunpowder. When Ichabod explains that Abbie is on a drug bust, Jenny points out that it will attract the Yao-Quai. Abbie explains that the FBI is blaming Lorenzo for Mitch's death. She tells Ichabod and Jenny that she wounded it, and Abbie says that the Yao-Quai's eyes turned white like a shark when it attacked. Abbie warns that the eyes were only white for a few seconds, and they determine that it will take precise teamwork to kill the Yao-Quai. Abbie gets a call from the FBI that Lorenzo is holed up in a warehouse with hostages, and they want her there. She leaves with Ichabod and Jenny right behind once they get guns.[11]

At the warehouse, the FBI agent tells Abbie that Lorenzo wants to talk to the agent who was there when Mitch was killed. Ichabod and Jenny sneak around the back and Jenny lights some gunpowder to attract the Yao-Quai. Abbie goes in and promises that she'll tell people that Lorenzo didn't kill Mitch. She says that she's seen demons, witches, and ghosts, and knows how he feels. However, it's her job to stop them because it's her mission. Lorenzo collapses, sobbing, and Abbie motions the hostages to run out. The mobster sprays the room with fire, and Abbie shoots a steam pipe. Ichabod and Jenny spot the Yao-Quai approaching the warehouse. They light more gunpowder but the demon ignores it, and Jenny shoots it to get its attention. They run into the warehouse and Ichabod tells Jenny to take the shot. Abbie knocks Lorenzo out and handcuffs him as the FBI agents burst in. Ichabod fires off a shot and the Yao-Quai approaches him. Jenny draws a bead on it as the demon paralyzes Ichabod with fear. As it advances, Jenny shoots it but it misses. The Yao-Quai attacks her and then knocks Ichabod to the floor below. As it leaps down at him, its eyes turning white, there's a shot and the demon explodes. Ichabod looks up to see Abbie. He thanks her and Abbie welcomes him back, hugging him. They go to the bar where Jenny works, and Ichabod finds a single word on the drawing: "destroyers." He doesn't believe that there work is complete, and Abbie concedes that the Second Tribulation may have begun. Jenny brings them free drinks. Abbie assures Ichabod that he belongs there, and he figures that he has to accept the country just like he wants it to accept him. They drink to Abbie not being alone, and Abbie goes to settle their tab.[11]

Joe Corbin calls Jenny at the bar, as she is examining a black rock. He calls her to her trailer and shows her how someone tore the place apart. He says that he was delivering something from his father's cabin and saw the mess. Joe figures whoever broke in was looking for something specific, and realizes that Jenny is holding something back. Jenny insists that she isn’t involved in everything, and Joe complains that Jenny, Abbie, and Corbin never let him in on what they were doing. He figures that his father was on a mission, and was killed before he could explain what it was. Jenny says that she’ll call around , and tells Joe that Corbin didn’t want him to follow in his footsteps. Corbin would have been proud that Joe parlayed his Marine medical training into a job as an EMT. Jenny promises to tell him if she finds out anything and leaves. After getting a call about Joe being captured, Jenny arrives and recognizes Randall. He says that he’s been hired by an interested party looking for the Shard of Anubis, and he figures Jenny got it for Corbin. If Jenny hands the Shard over then she and Joe can walk. She kicks him in the leg and attacks him, and he threatens Joe. Jenny agrees to hand over the Shard--the black stone--and Randall drives away. As Jenny unties Joe, he asks what is going on. She refuses to answer his questions and say that they should just go back to their lives. Joe visits Jenny and asks for an explanation. She warns him that he can’t go back once he comes in, but he wants to pick up where his father left off. Joe suggests that they go after the Shard and Jenny considers the offer.[12]

Jenny tells Abbie that she didn't think the Shard of Anubis had any value or anyone cared about it. She explains about how Joe wants to talk up his father's secret occupation, and Abbie sympathizes with Joe. Jenny asks her to run a trace on Randall's car, and figures he's working for someone much bigger. Abbie warns her to take it slow with bringing Joe in, just as Daniel joins them. He tells Abbie that the police need assistance with a homicide: a stabbing with no blood. Later, Abbie locates Randall's car. Jenny and Joe go to the motel where it's parked. They break into his room and find a woman, Sophie Foster, there. She claims that she is hitching with Randall and he went for ice, and Joe and Jenny leave. As they go back to their car, Jenny realizes Sophie was lying and goes back just as Sophie drives off. They go in and find Randall handcuffed in the bathtub. He admits that Sophie played him to get the shard, and points out that Jenny fell for it as well. Once they confirm the Shard is gone, Joe and Jenny leave Randall handcuffed and Jenny figures that Sophie is somehow connected to Corbin. Joe and Jenny track Sophie to a diner, and Sophie says that she already sold the Shard. Jenny takes it out of her pocket and explains that she found it in a hidden compartment in Sophie's car. Corbin taught her the same trick, and Jenny figures that Sophie is new to the relic-recovery game. She wonders who Sophie was going to sell it to, and Sophie tells Jenny that she doesn't want to know or why the Shard is so important. Jenny warns her that the life she's chosen isn't easy, and says that Corbin left it in her protection and she isn't going to give it up. At the bar, Joe goes through his father's things and finds nothing explaining why the Shard is important. Jenny figures that Sophie is more than just a hired gun, but Joe doesn't believe that Sophie worked for Corbin. He tells Jenny that he's with her no matter where the trail leads, and Abbie figures that they need to learn who they're up against.[13]

Children fall prey to a new creature that Pandora released. At the hospital, Abbie and Jenny arrive and introduce themselves. Jenny assures Saffron that she's very brave to tell people about the monster, and assures the girl that they're there to listen. Afterward, Abbie and Jenny tell Ichabod what Saffron described. He figures that Pandora is behind it and wants to avoid the widespread panic that she wants to spread. The next day, the sisters go into the house of one of the victims and into the bedroom and Abbie says that it reminds them of one of the houses that they lived in with their father. She asks if Jenny ever thinks of their father, and she says that she never does and figures that it's mutual. Jenny doesn't believe that their father cared about them and has probably drank himself to death. While the sisters are serching the house, Ichabod talks to Saffron. They meet up after and Ichabod gives Abbie and Jenny the girl's sketch. Saffron says that the monster is the Tooth Fairy. As the trio leaves, Ichabod suggests that the myth of the Tooth Fairy is based on darker legends. He recalls a child's missing tooth as a harbinger of a tragedy that almost destroyed his associate Betsy. At the archives, Ichabod and Abbie figure that Revere used his dentistry as a cover for his magical abilities. Abbie points out that Ichabod hasn't seen a dentist since his arrival, and Ichabod admits that he had bad memories after Revere manhandling him. While Jenny does an Internet search for Revere's dentisty bag, Ichabod finds a reference to the Abyzou, which eats children's souls. A child's open wound serves as a beacon for the demon, and takes 48 hours to complete so the girl has 36 horus left. The Abyzou are nocturnal predators and their one weakness is silver. Ichabod remembers revere giving Betsy's nephew a silver dollar, and figures that's where the tradition of parents giving their children coins for their teeth started. The legends says that the Abyzou is invisible, and Ichabod suggests that it's only invisible to adults, not children.[14]

The next day at the archive, the trio tries to come up with a plan. All of the victims lived within a five-mile radius, and there's only one elementary school in the location. Jenny suggests that they go there and find out which children are losing a tooth, and Jenny has an idea. Later, the teacher introduces Ichabod to her class as the curator of the new Hudson Valley Historical Society. As he talks about the Founding Fathers, Jenny takes pictures of the students. Ichabod talks about how Revere was Washington's dentist and asks which of them has a loose tooth. Gregory doesn't say anything but one of the students asks him about his tooth. After the students leave, Ichabod and Jenny talk to the teacher. She says that Gregory is close to losing a tooth. Jenny approaches Gregory and gives him a silver dollar for protection against the things that only he can see. Once he leaves, Jenny tells Ichabod they need to watch the boy. She has learned that Revere's bag is at the Colonial Raleigh Museum and Abbie is trying to get it shipped to them. Ichabod suggests that a silver weapon can kill the Abyzou. That night, Jenny and Abbie watch Gregory's house while Ichabod and Joe watch the house of another girl, Sarah Fogel. Abbie finally tells Jenny that she found their father. Jenny says that she found him five years ago and has learned that he remarried. Abbie isn't happy that her sister hasn't told her anything for five years, and Jenny points out that her father has a new family and Abbie wouldn't have been happy to find out. They argue about which of them dislike their father, and Jenny says that she only hates their father because Abbie does. They hear a scream from inside. Jenny and Abbie hear him. the boy holds out the silver coin and the Abyzou retreats outside. Gregory goes after it and tells Abbie and Jenny where to swing. Jenny manages to hit a sprinkler and outlines the creature momentarily. While Gregory runs inside to his sister, Jenny sprays the Abyzou with a garden hose. A hooded figure emerges from the shadow and knocks Jenny down, and Abbie goes to help her sister. She stabs the Abyzou with a silver blade but it has no effect. The Abyzou knocks her into a tree and runs off, and Jenny runs to her unconscious sister.[14]

The next day, Jenny and Ichabod check on the unconscious Abbie to the hospital. Ichabod assures Jenny that Abbie will recover, and figures that they were wrong about the Abyzou's silver weakness. He returns to the archive to do more research while Jenny stays with Abbie. Saffron comes in and tells Jenny that the doctors don't think Tessa will wake up. She blames herself for her sister's condition, and Jenny says that she just think of the good times with her sisters. Jenny assures Saffron that Tessa loves her and no monster can change that. Jenny returns to the archive where Ichabod is examining the contents of Revere's bag. He realizes that some of the tools fit together to form a larger weapon. He describes the flash he saw beneath the door, and Jenny figures that Revere used silver nitrate to create a flash. There are traces of it in water, which is why Jenny and Abbie saw the creature at Gregory's house. Jenny figures that the Abyzou has a weak spot that they have to see. They set up a trap. Saffron goes to her treehouse, puts Tessa's teeth on the floor, and waits for the Abyzou. It drops in and starts to attack her, and Ichabod arrives and fires a shot of silver nitrate. The substance reveals the Abyzou, and Ichabod kicks it out the window to wear Jenny is waiting with an axe. The monster runs off and Jenny goes after it. Ichabod sends Saffron inside as Jenny calls that the silver nitrate wore off. They head into the forest, and Ichabod manages to fire a shot, briefly revealing the creature. He reloads and prepares to shoot, and the invisible Abyzou knocks him to the floor. He spots the creature's footsteps and throws some silver nitrate on it, revealing its location. Jenny manages to stab it in its weak spot, and the Abyzou collapses and then dissolves into dust. Later, Jenny meets Abbie and tells her that she identified the Shard thief as Sophie Foster. She's also learned that someone named Atticus Nevins paid Sophie. Jenny then apologizes for not telling Abbie about finding her father. Abbie assures her that it's okay, and assures Jenny that no fight will ever keep them apart again. Jenny wonders if Abbie wants to talk to their father, and she admits that she does. However, she doesn't want to screw up his new life. Jenny says that the only thing that matters is that they have each other.[14]

Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny, and Joe are bowling for Halloween. Abbie is dressed as Beyonce, and Ichabod is dresses as John Adams. Abbie points out Zoe nearby, and she waves to Ichabod. With some encouragement from Abbie, Ichabod goes over to greet his friend. Back with the others, Ichabod says that the Celts believed that Halloween was a sacred time. As they tease him about Zoe, Ichabod gets a call and says that Dr. Brennan made arrangements to transport Howe's remains to the Historical Society. However, the courier company reports that the body never arrived. Later, Joe and Jenny are at Jenny's camper unloading groceries, and Jenny says that she's connected a face to the Shard of Anubis: Mr. Atticus Nevins. Joe recognizes him and explains that Atticus was a friend of his father's. He has an album belonging to Corbin and it has a photo of Atticus and Corbin together during the war. Joe wonders what his father was involved in, and Jenny says that they can get answers now that they have a name. She assures Joe that Corbin was one of the best men she ever knew, and refuses to believe otherwise until they have proof. Jenny and Joe drive to an address that she connected to Atticus. Joe recognizes the place, and explains that he was there when he was a kid. He figures that Corbin was working with Atticus. Sophie comes out and Jenny approaches the thief. Sophie spots them and draws her gun, and Joe says that they want to meet with Atticus on a family matter. In return they'll give her the Shard. Sophie agrees to contact Atticus and says that Atticus said that Joe and Jenny would come to her with the Shard. Once she drives off, Jenny complains about Joe's plan. He promises that he won't let anything bad happen, but Jenny warns him it's a promise he can't make. Back at the archive, Ichabod and Abbie inform Jenny and Joe of their situation with the Undead Redcoats. Ichabod has provided everyone with Cheirosiphones, designed to deploy Greek Fire which will kill them. They'll draw the Draugur into the tunnels to contain the fire, and Ichabod will act as bait to lure Howe and his army. After leading the creatures down into the tunnels, the Draugur surround Ichabod. Joe and Jenny open fire, incinerating the creatures, and Abbie arrives in time to burn up one Draugur as it attacks Ichabod. As the fire spreads, Abbie and Ichabod retreat and Howe confronts them. Howe steps into the flames rather than let Ichabod destroy him.[15]



  • The name "Jennifer" is from a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. This name has only been common outside of Cornwall since the beginning of the 20th century, after it was featured in George Bernard Shaw's play 'The Doctor's Dilemma' (1906).[16]


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