Heimdall an der Himmelsbrücke

original Scandinavian picture depicting Norse deity Himdeall blowing the Horn to announce the coming of Ragnorak

Horn of Himdeall is a Norse-Scandinavian artifact that has only debuted and been featuerd in Season 4 Episode 10 Insatiable of Fox, Sleepy Hollow Television series .It was shown in a computer image when Jenny went to Chiness store to old friend that colected relics, artifacts and ancient items.

  • It is based upon same Horn from Norse Mytholgy that has been featured in Sleepy Hollow Series
  • Acording to Norse Myths the Himdeall is suposed to use this Horn to announce that Ragnarok ( End of the World or Twilight of the Gods ) has come so that Fianle Battle beetwen Norse Deities and Surturs allied monster army can begin
  • Its unkown what kind of godlike powers its posseses in Fox Tv series Sleepy Hollow as it is also unknown who forged and created it
  • Jenny Mills mentiod that this Horn is an artifact that belonged to a species of Norse deity called Himdeall from Norse Mythology, but it is still unknown were are Norse Deities or what happend to them in Fox Tv Series Sleepy Hollow

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