"She was among the first of the Dutch to come to the New World. She settled in Salem because it was a home to a very strong coven, one led by Kent."
Katrina Crane about Helena Van Tassel[src]

Helena Van Tassel was a witch, the grandmother of Katrina Crane and one of the victims of the Salem Witch Trials.


Early LifeEdit

During the 16th century; Helena was among the first of the Dutch to come to the New World settling in Salem, Massachusetts with her daughter, Katrina's mother, because it was home to a powerful coven, led by reverend Solomon Kent. She worked as a Quaker and is seen running errands for the village.[1]

One day, in the midst of a drought, while Solomon Kent is bidding farewell to parishioners Helena asks if she will be seeing him at "prayer group", to which he replies yes, coyly stating the drought must end. On the day of Sarah Osborne's death, Helena witnessed Solomon Kent accidentally murdering and casting a dark magic spell to disfigure Sarah's deceased body in the town's chapel. She then confronts Solomon in a barn to turn himself in as the culprit. Solomon refuses and turns the table on her, using blood magic to restrain and silence her. When the townspeople stormed the barn, Solomon proclaimed that the restrained Helena is a witch and must not be allowed to speak under the pretense that her's is the mouth of evil. In reality, he does not want her to confess her knowledge. The following day, Helena was hanged as a witch along with two other possibly innocent victims. After her death, her surviving family left Salem in fear for their lives.[1]


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