"A French lantern from the time of Louis the 14th casts out the demon from its host."
Abbie Mills to Ichabod Crane and Jenny Mills[src]

The French Lantern was an ancient artifact used by the French to remove demons from possessed bodies. The French later gave this item as a gift to Benjamin Franklin. It was later recovered and kept in storage by the Weavers after Jenny Mills found it. It was used by Ichabod to send Ancitif back to Hell after he possessed Macey Irving. It was then stored in the Munition Tunnels, along with a couple of other artifacts. Pandora can be seen examining the lantern in the Munition Tunnels.


Capturing DemonsEdit

Upon returning to Sleepy Hollow, Jenny collects the lantern from the Munition Tunnels in order to use it against the demon Jobe. At the construction site where Malcolm and Jobe and keeping Ichabod prisoner, Jenny holds up the lantern, which draws Jobe out of the tent and closer to her. The lantern begins to light up but Jobe tries to fight the pull. Jenny moves closer and Jobe is taking in and trapped in the lantern. Jake and Alex set charges in the construction site and get Ichabod free from the area and blow it with Malcolm inside. The blast knocks Jenny over and she looses the lantern in the debris.[1] After the others return to DC, Jenny chooses to stay behind and look for the lantern. Jenny examines the debris at the construction site and finds the lantern containing Jobe. When she sees that it's damaged, she takes it to the archive and puts it in a chamber, and quickly scribes wards on the wall. The lantern starts to shake and then blasts open just as Jenny completes a circle of salt around it. Jobe is lying in the circle, and is unable to cross the line.[2]


Season One
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