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Famine is the fourth and final member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He appears as a cloaked figure in Ichabod's dream, wielding a staff or scythe while riding a pale horse.

Biography Edit

Famine's first appearance is with the other three horsemen in Ichabod's dream, being the last counting left to right, riding a horse with red eyes and wielding a scythe. Since Moloch's Horseman of Famine never made an appearence on the show, it's safe to assume that the last Famine was either dead, incapacitated, or that there wasn't even someone holding the title.

In season 4,we finally get to see a Horseman of Famine. Malcolm Dreyfuss started assembling his own Horsemen of the Apocalypse to help him build a new America, with Helen Donovan being the chosen one.

In "Insatiable", we see Jobe, Malcolm's demon assistant, summon a Hunger Demon to charge the Scales of Justice he stole from the museum with the energy produced by the monster. This turned the scales into a totem that would power Helen's transition into a Horseman.


  • Since both Death and War were once mortal men who sold their souls to Moloch, it is possible that Famine would have also been a mortal man who sold his soul.
  • In terms of the Bible, Famine is the third horseman to appear.
  • If one doesn't count Ichabod's dream, Moloch's Horseman of Famine is the only one to have never made an appearence
  • Appearance-wise, Famine resembles the way Death has appeared in several tales.
  • Famine is the only position that was ever assumed by a woman.

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