"Sir with all due respect General Washington's orders were firm. Bring back the crate and you. Alive. Man the door."
—Doxford to Ichabod Crane[src]

Doxford was a commander[1] of a detachment of the Virginia militia prior to the Revolutionary war.


Virginia MilitiaEdit

Doxford, along with Ichabod Crane, and a detachment of the Virginia militia were sent by their Colonel, George Washington on a mission to retrieve a item from the British. On December 16, 1773, Doxford went to Boston. During the destruction of the tea organized by Crane and his ally, Samuel Adams, Doxford and his men made their way to a warehouse in the Harbor at Griffin's Wharf. As they entered the warehouse, Doxford ordered Crane to stand watch while they retrieved the chest. Doxford then discovered a guard, a Hessian mercenary. Doxford tried to force him to stand down, but the Hessian then lit a grenade. Doxford, his men, and the Hessian were all killed in the explosion. However, Crane was able to take the chest to Washington.[2]


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