Deities (or Gods) are a race of anthropomorphic beings of infinite power. They are some of the most powerful forces in the universe. God, the primordial deity, is responsible for the creation of the Universe itself and all life it contains.They have power to creat mighty artifacts and relics like : Eternal Flame created by Roman deity,Horn of Himdeall presumbably created by Norse deities, Sword of methuselah created by Christian God,Pandoras Box created by Greek deities, Greek Fire created presumably by Greek deities and other unknown powerfull weapones .

Description Edit

Deities are some of the oldest and most powerful entities in existence. While the origins of divinity remains unknown, it is commonly believed that deities are a species who might have existed long before the universe was created. While gods are depicted in a variety of forms, they are frequently portrayed as having a humanoid shape. However, some faiths and traditions consider it blasphemous to imagine a god as having any concrete form. Nevertheless, almost all deities are believed to be immortal, and are thought to have ultimate knowledge,power and understanding over the universe and all things within it. Deities are also believed to have desires, emotions and intelligence that is comparable, but usually superior, to those of humans.There were in the past Deities that Pandora served and were the ones that created Pandoras Box that containd all Evil and Darkness of world. This same deities for unknown reason have banished and imprisond Hidden One in Catacombs were Pandora herself found him. These Deities were then killed and destroyed when Pandora unleashed the Evil of Pandora's Box upon them. 

Its is presumably belived because Pandora originates from Greek Mythology and Hidden One from Sumerian Mythology, that those Gods were Greek because in Season 4 Episode 11 Way of the Gun in wich Ichabod Crane with Diana Thomas came to a lake were Enternal Flame was located and reveald that Enternal Flame was wilded by Hephaestus Greek God who forged mighty weapones for Olympian Gods . But at the same time Lara aka Future Molly Thomas mentiod that Vulcanus Roman God created Enternal Flame that has the power to both creat mighty weapones of deities, supernatural beings and enetites as well to destroy them like Totem Gun of War.  

The Christian God itself has been confirmed and provened that he exists in Sleepy Hollow and he is also to be believed that it is the primordial deity, surpassing all others in both power and age, and being the sole wielder of true omnipotence. 

  • God (Christian) 
  • Hidden One (Sumerian) 
  • Pandora ( Greek- Sumerian ) 
  • Vulcanus (mentioned in s04Ep11) (Roman) 
  • Hephaestus (mentioned in s04Ep11 ) (Greek) 
  • Hiemdall (mentioned in s04Ep10) (Norse) 
  • Kali (mentioned in s02Ep14) (India)  
  • Anubis (Egypt)  

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