Deities (or Gods) are a race of anthropomorphic beings of infinite power and immortality. They are some of the most powerful forces in the universe.


Early HistoryEdit

The primordial deity known as God created entire Universes which consists of matter, reality, space, time and all life in it.

Before the creation of humans on Earth, a war was waged in Heaven between two sides: minions of the Devil and God. In the end, the Devil and his followers became Demons and were cast into realm of Hell while few like Moloch were banished to the realm of Purgatory

At some unknown point in time before Great Flood, the Christian God created a powerful weapon called the Sword of Methuselah that could destroy demons, but it could only be wielded by a human with a claim on their soul or an immortal. 

In the ancient past of Earth before current history began, two ancient deities (Hidden One and his Brother) ruled and were the masters that Pandora served and were the ones that created Pandora's Box that contained all Evil and Darkness of world. This same Brother for unknown reason banished and imprisoned the Hidden One in the Catacombs so that he can guard the Box were Pandora herself found him. The Brother of Hidden One was later killed and destroyed when Pandora and her brethren unleashed the Evil of Pandora's Box upon him.   

Known DeitiesEdit


  • Immortality: to live forever and be enternal.
  • Divine Magic: a power that only deities possess and is unlike Witchcraft.
  • Creation: a power to create Divine artifacts, creatures, or locations.